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This one is for a mature audience, so proceed with caution.
Also watch the quality of my writing go downhill because I'm sleepy x)

Maybe I'll fix the confusing plot someday - unedited also.

she/her pronouns used

"Y/N," someone whispered beside you, stirring you from your sleep. You felt a tug at your exposed sleeve and groaned, pulling your sheets over you tighter. The voice repeated "Y/N!"

You pushed yourself up at the urgency in the voice and looked to your side, where a little girl peeped her head over the edge of the mattress. You blinked a few times, recovering from your lethargic state. The room was stained with navy blue light, moonlight gentle and temperature tepid. Your vision had cleared enough to recognise the figure standing at your side. Her innocent caramel eyes and hair looked up at you in a begging manner. She was no doubt the daughter of the inn owners.

"What's up?" you asked softly, resting a hand on her head.

She gulped and looked to the door of the room. "There was a man walking inside but he didn't check in. I haven't seen him and Wei hasn't either."

You tilted your head. "Wei?"

"My mum's cat. You call him the Boss Lady's cat," she clarified, the black and white feline popping up from her arms.

"Yes I know," you chuckled. "But you said that Wei hasn't seen him-"

"Wei is a special cat," she interrupted.

A sudden crash in the hallway made the both of you go silent and you watched her clutch Wei closer to her chest. Making up your mind, you ordered her to stay in your room while you went to see who was there. She didn't hesitate, nodding and throwing herself under the quilts in anxiety.

"Please be safe," she whispered.

You gave her a reassuring smile and left the room, closing the door behind you. It with a resonating click, that brought you into the darkness of the hallway. You let out a sigh, exhausted and feeling faint. You had planned to just leave briefly and return to let the girl know there was nothing, but something was telling you that there was something wrong.

You weren't exactly afraid of the dark, but you weren't on great terms with it. You crossed your arms in a protective manner, creeping along the hallway and down the stairs to reception. It was then you noticed that the lights were off. Wangshu Inn had always left the night lights on in the main rooms so that visitors could locate things easily when needed. It was in fact peculiar.

Your heart started to beat a little faster, as you remembered the fear on the girl's face. You started to think of the worst. Had someone been killed? Was the Wangshu Inn going to be set on fire? Stupid, stupid questions were all you had in your mind. And as you wandered down to the kitchen, you were so stuck in the made up scenarios in your head that when a hand grabbed you and pinned you on a wall, you didn't have time to react.

You winced as your back hit the wooden walls and a hand roughly covered your mouth. A man stared at you intensely, wide red eyes and mouth salivating. This was the effect of an overdose of a new drug made from frogs and cecilia powder. You could smell the foulness from his breath as he breathed heavily. You tried to move but your body wouldn't do anything. Your muscles had shut down and all you could do was stare back in shock.

He snarled. "You dare make a noise and I'll cut those pretty little fingers of yours off."

You briefly looked down, to see the glint of a knife close by his side. He wasn't bluffing and you knew that. The way his red eyes appeared crazed and the blood from his aggressive grin. He slowly removed his hand from your mouth and replaced it with the knife.

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