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I don't know much about this boy - only that he's an exorcist with congenital positivity. I know that Xingqiu forces him to eat spicy food and that he has a popsicle of some sort. Okay, maybe a lil more knowledge than a thought

Ignore the title I couldn't think of anything 💙


Your tongue burnt from the herbal tea you were drinking, a distraction from the boring chatter of the table you sat at. It stung, but it kept your mind from going groggy and made it look like you were taking interest. Your presence at the so called important meeting was a result of your father dragging you along to get an idea of the family connections. But you had no interest in that.

Your dream job was similar to that of your friend Xiangling, passionate about creating food. While she was more inclined to the savoury, you were a person with a sweet tooth. You had no interest in the mining industry at all and certainly no interest in sitting at an expensive restaurant with people only concerned with your father's achievements.

He had left you at the table so that you could feel the importance of the job, whatever that meant. You had no idea where he went, but it was probably to pursue some maiden he was looking at earlier. You cringed at the thought. It was barely appealing to be associated with someone known to sleep around.

"Isn't that the young exorcist?" an old woman asked suddenly, eyes glaring ahead. "He's back."

Curious from the diverted topic, you followed her gaze and saw a boy with light blue hair and clothes that reminded you of a cloudy sky. He was leaning against a pillar near the entrance, his eyes travelling around the room, searching for someone. You turned back to the table as his line of sight reached you, not wanting for anything more awkward than a table of strangers.

"Ah, yes. Finally back," a man spoke up, "That boy, what was his name?"

"Doesn't matter," someone chimed in across the table. "At least he does his job."

Everyone laughed among themselves, agreeing. You stayed silent, suddenly feeling pissed off. But you refrained from saying anything, simply because you didn't want to draw any attention. Not when all these people knew your father. You disliked him but you didn't want to destroy what was supporting your younger sibling's childhoods. They continued to recklessly insult the blue haired boy. It was childish to you. You shut your eyes, trying to ignore their harsh judgements. And they eventually stopped, when the boy passed by the table.

You breathed in as he passed by, and it was as if your senses were all cleared. There was a touch of the fresh and sweet smell of spring water, like the ponds of luhua pool. His presence was refreshing. You no longer felt the frustration and boredom that once surrounded you. Intrigued by this, you found yourself glancing up to watch him. His hair appeared soft, lightly tussled. It reminded you very much of cotton candy.

Out of the blue, for the briefest of moments, his eyes met yours. They were cold as ice, harsh like the weather of Dragonspine. And yet you felt free, able to soar above any troubles you had. It was brief indeed, for the distasteful feelings lurking in the back of your mind quickly rushed forward again. You stared after him, as he disappeared into a hallway.

The murmurs immediately returned and so did cruel jokes. They circled around you, holding you hostage without an escape. It was suffocating and you wished someone would open the windows just so you could breathe. You were sure that with this much built up you could have summoned a thunderstorm within the room - maybe even fry them. You choked on your tea at the thought, and ended up coughing violently. As you tried to reduce up the pressure building in your throat, someone neared you.

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