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- Childe/Tartaglia's other name mentioned
- Made up factors(the flower mentioned)
- This oneshot has nothing to do with the actual genshin plot
- Some swearing(edit: like one word lmAo)


Enjoy fellow simps <3
getting more used to second person writing

The first time you had met him was as a young girl who had wandered from Springvale and into Dragonspine, somewhere unfamiliar to those in Mondstadt. This was partially because the temperatures were too extreme for an all around summery place. However, there were always tales of Dragonspine being filled with monsters who would lurk you till death. Monsters of illusions and treachery. Adventurers and travellers never returned, only tales of them being drawn under the ice with hallucinations of fires and warmth.

You were a curious child, and that curiosity often got the better of you. There wasn't anyone to stop you. If anything, the people of Springvale would prefer to get rid of the burden of a child without parents. The herbalist had been your mothers friend, and she enjoyed your company as much as you did hers. The day she had been sick, you had volunteered to collect calla lilies near the Statue of Seven, remembering how the tea extract had cured your cold. Your basket had only begun to fill when you caught the sight of a strange seelie hovering at the overarching cliffs.

Gone was the teal glow, replaced by a blood orange colour. So you had carried your basket along a path upwards, nonchalantly placing flowers of all sorts in your basket. You wanted to get closer to the seelie and discover its garden.

While treading the endless path, you didn't notice as the tips of your fingers began to chill and your energy, lethargic. All you had in mind as you clutched your basket tight was the traces of orange glows flickering in front of you here and there. So transfixed, you didn't know how far you had gone, where you had gone and how long it had been.

This brought you to your predicament, surrounded by towering showers in a vast open land of dead plants and pale landscapes. Never had you seen such creatures, not cryo but immune to the cold. Not a slime, hillichurl or flower. They were hideous floating coagulated wisps, communicating through screeches that hurt your ears. It was then you broke from your trance and fear misguided you. You ran, not quite sure where you were going. Your shoes battered against the snowy floor, leaving light footprints. Their screeches followed your trail, never straying from your back.

It was then you ran into a figure of some sort. You had looked up expecting to see a monster, but was met with rich azure eyes deeper than oceans. The figure looked down at you in surprise, paired by soft hair that reminded you of orange candy. A white mask hung on the side of his head, a bit oversized. The figure was a boy around you age, wearing clothes of unusual style to you. More importantly, he felt warm in such a cold place.

"Are you human?" you had whispered.

He blinked once, then twice, then thrice, before he let out a chuckle that sounded sweeter than his orange candy hair. The reverb on his chest made you realise his proximity and you tried to step away but he grabbed your hand and pushed your face into his jacket gently.

"Don't look," he murmured into your ear, as his mouth was about that height.

You felt him move his hand to his head and then his face. Then before you could process it, you were swooped forward by his other arm, hearing electricity, water and metallic screams. Against his will, you had looked. You had seen him completely change but still, you felt safe. You didn't understand why you didn't fear him. But that didn't matter when he held your hand as he led you back to your home and as he carried you when you fell to exhaustion. The last thing you remembered was weaving a red tartaglia flower into the sockets of the mask he had put back on the side of his head saying:

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