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Liyue was as busy as always. The streets were a flurry of people and their voices, calling out to friends and potential customers. A clear night had fallen, showcasing the strings of laternd hanging from roof to roof. The warm glow cast a hue on the crowd below. Years ago, from the blue tinted glass of your room window you would have felt like the world was a cold place. Looking at it now from the red stained wood of the Wanwen Bookhouse balcony, you felt at ease.

"Y/N," a voice called out above the humming of the streets.

You turned around to see Xingqiu, blue hair in the same jagged style and a yellow tassle hanging from one ear. It was a fashion statement, he liked to say when asked. In reality, you knew he had just lost the other one while being immersed by a novel. In fact, he held in his hands a new book, a honey-gold cover that matched his eyes. You knew he had reasons for his habit but it didn't feel like you two had the right relationship for something as personal as that. Sure he had basically saved you from trauma, but it was difficult getting close to someone who was just as closed off as yourself.

"Xingqiu," you replied finally, smiling at him despite his focus on book's words. "Where to next?"

He held a finger on a page as he briefly looked up, "I heard a new library opened near the Adventurers Guild."

You ignored the teasing twist of your stomach as your eyes met his and simply nodded, not caring if he saw the motion. Assuming that he wanted to head there, you started to walk towards the listed location, a messy pile of thoughts puking their way into your confidence.

You could hear his footsteps behind you against the wooden boards. You knew it was him because he always walked in a particular way so that he could read without walking into walls. You knew that it was him because of the way he would occasionally let out a very very quiet sigh or chuckle. You had grown to be aware of all the things about him but did he have the same sort of adaptations? Did he have you on his mind? These were selfish questions. You knew that. But the sickenly sweet need of yours was Xingqiu's presence.

Just as you paid attention to his footsteps, you also noticed when he stopped walking. You spun around, and the surroundings blurred around you. Too fast, it seemed. You stumbled a little, knocking Xingqiu's arms as he was right behind you. The book nudged out of his hands and you watched in horror as it landed with a thud at the edge of a pond, before bouncing in.

You pushed yourself backwards with a rapid step and looked up at Xingqiu. His honey eyes were wide with surprise and you couldn't read his current expression well enough. In your anxiety, the crowd merged into background noise, the thumping of your heart overpowering any common sense. You tried to spit out an apology but your tongue was limp. Even Xingqiu was no longer in your peripheral. You were back in the dark room with blue tinted windows encapsulated by metal bars. The smell of roaches and rats hidden in the shadows, crawling around with little chatters.

Then a melody filled the atmosphere. You blinked, bringing yourself back to the presence. Xingqiu was beside you, kneeling down and reaching down to grab the floating book. He had laughed, a warm friendly laugh that you had never heard before from him. You were captivated immediately. He rarely showed any obvious emotions.

"Don't worry about the book too much. Although I was looking forward to it for a long time, nothing serious happened," he reassured, brushing his clothes as he stood up.

You stared at him before blurting out an apology. He laughed again and gave you a small smile. You felt your heart race and your heart pound like crazy. This time it was like a drug. You craved more.


The two of you had returned to Xingqiu's apartment. You had been inside before but still marvelled at the size of it. Liyue was a generally luxury place but this was out of the ordinary. Xingqiu had decided that his personal library would be a good place to hang out and so there you were, running your hand along the colourful spines. You weren't looking for anything in particular but you were certainly looking for a distraction.

Xingqiu was on a sofa, holding his book above his head as he laid down. He was completely absorbed and you felt a bit awkward. Other times you had always found things to do. Most of those things was just ranting to Xingqiu about the flaws of your daily routine and life. He didn't seem to mind and listened, but that was probably because he didn't actually care or pay attention.

You stopped in your tracks as a wave of loneliness rushed over your body. Your arm dropped to your side and you felt your heart clench slightly. It was selfish to fufill your wants. You swallowed and looked back to where Xingqiu was.

Only you were met with golden eyes staring back at your own, right in front of you. You opened your mouth in surprise, glancing back and forth from the sofa to his face. The book he was reading had been abandoned on the coffee table. You opened your mouth to speak but he beat you to it.

"You're quiet today," he stated, staring down at you with a tinge of concern laced within his expression.

You looked away from his intense stare. "I was just thinking a lot."

He sighed and took a step foward. You looked up quickly, the height difference only adding to the growing heat on your cheeks. You looked into his eyes as a wave of confidence hit, only to be swallowed by the swirling stars. They stared back at her curiously.

"Xingqiu?" you questioned quietly, voice higher than expected.

He bit his lip thoughtfully before stepping foward again. His right hand found its way onto the bookshelf beside your head. Your cheeks burnt and you felt like a pyro slime and electro slime had decided to jump into a hurricane together.

You could smell his cologne. He smelt like mellow ocean and sweet citrus, whatever that was meant to be. You could feel his breath, and you swore you could hear the gentle thumping of his heart.

His other hand found its way on your cheek and he lifted you face up, leaning in. You saw the briefiest smirk as your eyes fluttered shut. And as soon as your lips met, it was like the moon could actually be cream cheese and ice cream could actually be boiling hot. Nothing in your brain made sense but Xingqiu's presence was completely perfect against your own.

Maybe indulging in a selfish desire wouldn't be so bad.

My heart belongs to other characters but I wanted to write something a lil sweet and Xingqiu fit perfectly here. Hope you enjoyed reading that lmao

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