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Hello everyone, sorry for not publising anything for a while.

I'm trying to get back into the flow of writing often but school and brain go brr is getting in the way. Enjoy this one thoughh


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Papers fluttered down to carpeted floors, their inked words gleaming in the afternoon light. Fragmented footsteps were followed by the clink of a pen. There was an exclamation of surprise, muffled by clothing. One young figure stood in front of another, struck with bewilderment. One boy, one girl. Both young, unaware of the real world, still living in childhood dreams. The boy wore a round and flat hat that almost brushed the bookshelves surrounding their sides. The girl wore a white dress which flowed around her lightly. The world around them stopped. Their personal bubbles of self had merged without warning.

The boy stared down at her, blue eyes glimmering with something like hope. So mesmerised he was. He noticed how the sun at the end of the walkway highlighted her features - an angelic esque glow. Angel, was all he thought, as her face grew red under his gaze. Seeing her under the fruity light was like the warmth of the morning sun dusting over cold skin. He wanted to reach out to her: could she be his answer?

Suddenly she ducked from his view. A pair of navy eyes blinked as they observed soft hair falling down with the movement. His navy eyes traced the strands of hair and was met with the sight of the girl scrambling to gather her sheets of paper. He found himself staring again as her hand reached up to brush loose strands of hair behind her ear. She scrunched up her face as she struggled to get a piece of paper that had slipped under the shelf. It was then he snapped out of his daze and rushed to copy her previous movement. He leaned to look underneath, only for his hat to be an obstruction. He yelped as his hat bumped on the floor. Groaning in frustration, he sat up to adjust it from the rim.

Then a small giggle came. Burning from embarrassment, his eyes lingered on the tilt of the girl's smile. His eyes watched as her eyes twinkled, the stars he had been searching for. Her laugh was like a pool of gold, drowning him in serenity. His body numbed with clarity, falling through endless galaxies. And his laugh joined hers, a perfect melody. Candescent, calmative, and cute.

He smiled for the first time in years. And that was the first time you had met.

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"I know you can do better than what the reports are showing. The issue is that you're not putting in the effort."

Among the quiet of keyboards and coffee mugs, the distant noise of students heading out of school stung your head.You looked down, hair cascading around your face to hide your brimming tears. You felt so far from the other students standing in front of the year advisor. The other teachers whispered among themselves upon hearing the words. You knew you shouldn't belong here, falling behind everyone else. They existed around you with such mundane lives and thoughts. That made you frustrated.

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