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character death(s) warning (UNOFFICIAL)
I saw this video and here I am.





Your boots crumpled on the glass littered streets of Liyue, sword dragging behind your feet as your vision wavered with a spectrum of lights and blurs. You had grown numb to the feeling of the sharp material threatening to pierce through your soles.

You had grown numb to the chilling cold of the after rain, and the hazy fog that it carried with it. In the distance you could see bodies littered under the rubble of what was once Liyue, their blood staining stone that was once polished.

Your eyes darted from body to body, desperately searching. The thumping of your heart seared the clarity of your thoughts, thunderous enough to overpower the wailing winds. Your clothes were soaked with blood and rain, but the coldness was not responsible for the way your hand shook.

You paused in your tracks as you passed the building that once held the Northland bank. With a mind of its own, the metal in your hand fell to the floor with a hollow clatter. You clutched your hand to your chest, trying to soothe the jitters. Slowly, you spun around, staring down at the trail you had drawn with the tip of your blade.

It was a vibrant crimson, yet turned hideous from the soil. Far, far away, you saw your fallen friends, who you had covered with the flowers of Liyue. And in the middle was your twin with a wound inflicted by yourself. Your eyes followed the trail you had drawn from their body back to your feet.

Your shoes duplicated before your eyes, a ringing in your head that sounded vaguely like the laughter of your twin, years ago when the two of you had only just begun traversing the worlds. A lone tear slipped down your cheek. You watched as it fell, the blooming sunlight capturing every bit of his surface, until it fell into nothingness.

"Tartaglia?" you heard someone call out. It was a weak voice, quiet and strained by a lack of moisture - and the voice of someone desperate for a sense of comfort.

You turned back to the direction you were heading towards, a weight on your chest as the fog started to clear up before your eyes, the rays of sun painting over the shadows. And your eyes widened, heart silenced and head emptied. Your legs began to move on their own.

The voice choked out a cry, screaming the same name with the same desperation as before. Your figure stumbled over and over again towards a small clearing. The glass littering the streets of once Liyue cut into your palms again and again, the pain nothing in the presence of your frantic movements.

And you found your arms around a figure with your face buried into orange hair. You heard that voice again, whimpering, "No, no, no, please."

"Hey there," was a response, a voice on the line of struggle, even weaker than your own. "That was a fun challenge."

"You idiot," you cried out, tears falling onto his soft hair. "What were you thinking?"

"To protect you, of course," he murmured, managing to look up at you. "Comrade."

"Tartaglia, now's not the time for that stupid name," you urged, holding up his face so you could meet his gaze.

"I know, I'm sorry," he apologised.

He smiled at you gently, his bright blue eyes gleaming with trouble, and you felt your heart constrict. It was a familiar feeling. But it was not the same as in the past

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