⠀⠀ aether⠀[like gold]

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Not really sure where I was going with this, but I hope you enjoy it anyways ;-;

Rain fell.
Water rose from drains.
Grey wisps shuttered down endless roads.
Like glitter they would drop,
splashing into the pools of silver
spread among the pavements.

Ripples would gently fold in and out,
carrying small leaves from autumn trees.

Calm and serene and ever so lonely.

Those around you had always rambled
about a place called limbo.
Described as a never ending dimension of grey
- never ending fragility and silence.

Today's world would have been the limbo,
if not for the street lamps flickering on
in the darkening skies,
putting shame to the dull sunset.

You raised a hand out into the rain.
It was light, tickling your skin solemnly.
You watched as they dripped down your palm,
writhing against gravity,
wanting to fall.

You drew your hand back, shaking off the water as you heard footsteps fall behind you.

"Odd weather, huh?" a voice stated from beside you.

His voice was clear
- like the end of rainfall.
The sun would come out,
breathing light onto every surface.

"Hello?" he called out, his hand waving in front of your face.

You stared at it blankly,
dazed by the way light captured the outline
of gentle fingers in slow motion.

"Hey," you responded quietly, "Aether."

You turned to look at him.
Golden hair, golden eyes, melted soft by the cool air.
Drifting strands,
straying flickers in his eyes.
Light illuminated him

and only him.

Rain would stop for him,
the sun would emerge.
Rise and fall.
Like the steady breathing of your lungs,
or the gentle humming of your heart.
And the rain did stop, as you found his smile.
He offered a hand,
and you took it.

He pulled you to his side,
under the vibrant blue of his umbrella.

Hidden from the rain,
hidden from the world.

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