"You can't deny my talent Flint, you need me on the team!"

"We don't need anyone!" He shouted back, he wasn't going to let her damage his pride.

"You know as well as I do you'll be losing next match against Gryffindor with this team!" she sneered. She could feel the whole team's glares like daggers in her skin.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Flint asked with a low angry tone.

"Exactly what you think it means." she shot back.

It was true, no matter how much the Slytherin team tried to cheat their way into victory, they were still no match to Wood's team. The Slytherins weren't bad players, it's just that the Gryffindors were better.

Marcus clenched his fists as anger boiled through his veins, how could she dare insult his team?

"Just let me play as a chaser next match. You must have heard the news, Wood got himself a new seeker. We don't know how he plays, that will have a great affect on the match." They couldn't help but see her point by now.

"Give me a chance, just next match. Watch how I play, if you don't like it you can kick me out, I won't protest." She said in a pleading voice.

Marcus lost himself in her genuine blue eyes as they looked into his soul. "The match is tomorrow, their will be no time to train her." Graham stated.

"Not to mention we already have three chasers, we need another beater." Adrian added.

"Exactly, it's even better that it's tommorow so Wood wouldn't get a word about a new Chaser! Don't you see? The shock will put an obstacle to their game plan!" They all looked at her understandingly. She turned back to Marcus and said with a sweet voice "Please Marcus." He couldnt help but notice it was the first time she said his name, he had to admit he liked the sound of it.

He looked at her long enough to admire her little plump lips, her cute thin nose, the way her bangs fell on her forehead in a wavy motion to the right of her cheek, and the feature he loved the most, her icy blue eyes as they stared back at him. He didn't break eye contact with her while shouting to his team "Mountauge, you're switching to beater. Alice, you're in."

Alice eyes widened as she couldn't believe what she was hearing, her face changing into a happy expression, she couldn't suppress a squeal of happiness as she grinned, looking around at the snickering team. Terrence gave her a hard pat on the back "Welcome to the team Yaxley!" Montauge quickly turned to Marcus in protest

"but Fli-"

"That's final!" Marcus growled. Alice quickly closed in on Marcus, jumped onto his broom facing him and pulled him into a rough hug. "Thank you! Thank you so much, I won't disappoint you Marcus!" She squealed. Marcus looked with a shocked expression at his laughing teammates, a look that clearly asked for help. He wasn't good with handling such moments. He hesitantly placed his hand on her waist as she pulled back and grinned at him.

"Slow down Alice, getting intimate with the captain on the first day!" Adrian shouted jokingly as the everyone laughed harder. Alice quickly let go and jumped back to her broom. "No, you don't realize how hard I've been working to make the team ever since my first year! It's been five years, I can't believe I'm finally getting a chance!" She shouted happily as she spread her arms upwards while flying around with only her legs holding her to the broom.

"She's mental." Graham Montauge stated. The rest of the boys, excluding Marcus and Graham, sped to catch up with her, laughing as she did crazy stunts.

Marcus couldn't help but notice the warm feeling he was getting watching her. He hoped she wouldn't disappoint him in the next match because he, more than everyone else, knew he needed her on his team. In fact, he knew he just needed her in his life.

Alice quickly ran out of the girls' quidditch locker room with disgust on her face. She had her quidditch attire clasped tightly close to her chest, her eyes darted, searching for any sign of the vile creatures she had ran away from. She sighed in relief when she couldn't find any of them, she couldn't take any roach sneaking it's way onto her.

She turned on her heels, and angrily busted into the boys' locker room. The half naked boys covered themselves in surprise at first, some questioned her in disbelief, but she ignored them. Though she couldn't ignore the well built bodies that she quickly avoided ogling at, she scanned the room for the captain. When she found him at his own locker at the back of the room, she darted towards him in anger. His own eyes widening at the sight of a girl in their locker room.

"What do you want now, Alice?" He sighed. She glared at him, then almost growled.

"You sent me that rotten place you called a girls' locker room! there were roaches at every step, rats, and i think there's a ghoul living in there!" Alice tried her best to keep her gaze in his, she couldn't afford getting caught looking him over when she was supposed to be angry. His boxers were a little too low for her liking, and his quidditch player build made it even harder for her. She mentally cursed her hormones.

Marcus snickered. "If you can't handle a couple of pests, how can you even handle quidditch?"

"Those are two different things, Marcus! Pests are disgusting. All I have to do in quidditch is handle a bunch of balls!" She was searching for an empty locker to store her attire, to which she quickly found one. Just her luck, it was right by the captain's.

Marcus chuckled to himself when Alice smacked the locker door open and shoved her stuff in it, then sending a glare towards him as she heard him. "What?"

Marcus moved in close to her, then rested his forearm above her head, pinning her back to the locker. "I knew you could handle other things, balls eh?"

Terrance, who was nearby, burst into laughter but quickly tried to stifle it. Adrian on the other hand, had no problem letting the whole team hear his cackles.

"You're such a git!" she sneered, shoving him away. He just laughed at her, and went back to his locker, still eyeing her curiously. The sound of Lee Jordan warming up the crowd echoed through the locker room, it was their sign to finish getting ready. Just as Marcus let out his head from his shirt's collar as he pulled it on, his eyes widened with surprise at the sight by him. Alice was only in her underwear, shoving her school uniform into the locker. A wolf whistle was heard, to which she ignored, she didn't even bother to see who it was. She took out her qudditch pants and slipped them on.

"I told you she was mental." Montague's whisper was heard throughout the clanking of lockers.

It was only when Alice's voice rang through his head that Marcus realized he had stopped getting ready.

"I suggest you stop staring and get ready, wouldn't want the captain to be late."

His sight refocused, only to be greeted with the sight of a smirking girl. He grunted at her expression, then quickly got back to changing as she walked out onto the field.

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