Winter *Moment 11*

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As the leaves entered their final stage of life, the weather grew colder. Alice was sat in the great hall, coat snug against her with a silver striped green scarf around her neck. She stared at Terrance, who was across from her, her eyes lazily watching him eat.

"Aren't you going to eat?" Terrance raised an eyebrow. Usually, Terrance would be telling her to slow down or she'll choke.

Alice sighed. "I don't feel like eating."
"What's wrong?" Terrance asked.
"Nothing, I just don't want to move, I'm chilly" Alice answered too quickly.

Terrance eyed her, it was obvious something was off, but he didn't know if he should push it. Alice and him have been getting close lately, he didn't want to ruin that.
Terrance pushed a mug of hot chocolate across the table, "There, you didn't have to move." he smiled.
"Ugh, fine." Despite her wording, she was smiling as she wrapped her fingers around the warm mug.
They sat in comfortable silence, the two of them had decided to stay behind that day. The rest of the group has gone out to Hogsmaede. Alice wasn't feeling it, which led to her being practically interrogated by Cara and Marcus. Terrance offered to keep her company, and now they sat in the great hall, with very few people around.

Terrance decided to find out what was wrong in a roundabout way.
"Marcus warned me before leaving." He looked to her face for any reaction.
"Really?" Alice asked in amusement. That wasn't the reaction he was searching for.
"Yeah, something about 'not trying anything funny', Cara did too but non verbally." Terrance grinned.
"Those two idiots." Alice chuckled, shaking her head. She didn't react weirdly to those two names.
Terrance scratched his head, 'maybe there really isn't anything wrong' he thought.
"So," he started.
"So?" she continued.
"Winter break is coming up soon." he attempted to start a conversation, however Alice's smile immediately fell.


"What?" Terrance questioned.
Alice grimaced slightly, parted her lips to speak, then closed them unsurely. Her hands then went to her forehead as she rubbed her temples and sighed.
"I got a letter this morning from my mom." Alice said.
"What's wrong? Are you not going home this break? Because if you aren't, I can stay too. Or you could come over, I'm sure mum and dad wouldn't mi-"
"No,no, it's not that." Alice interrupted, "I am going back this break, that's why I'm bothered."
Terrance looked confused.
"My family is.." She looked for a perfect description, "They're exhausting."
Terrance snickered, "I can imagine." If they were anything like the girl sitting across from him, they would be pretty exhausting indeed.

"Believe me, you can't." she stated. "You'll know what I mean soon enough."

"what's that supposed to mean?"

"The letter I mentioned earlier, it was mom informing me she'll be holding a winter dinner party before Christmas." she stated

"And all of you guys and your families will be invited."

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