Peace *Moment 8*

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As Alice got prepared for potions class, she quickly scanned her surroundings. Terrance was sitting next to her, while Graham and Adrian were at the table behind them. They had potions with the Gryffindors, which of course led to the two dorks behind her throwing snark at the Gryffindor quidditch captain.

"Morning Wood!" Exclaimed Adrian.

"A morning wood indeed! Befitting for a bellend." Graham smirked. 

Alice wondered how much time it took them to think of this and prepare before class. Oliver seemed to be trying his best to ignore them, but he did look their way for a few seconds, and he caught her gaze. He turned away quickly, but she noticed a faint smile on his lips.

The classroom door was flung open as a certain dark figure swung in with his winglike cloak swooshing past them.

"Bloody hell, does professor Snape HAVE to make a dramatic entrance every time?" Terrance whispered. 

"He does his best, just look at the Gryffindors' faces, they're already looking pale." Alice snickered.

They both turned their full attention to the front as professor Snape started saying

"Turn to page 425, the Draught of Peace." his gloomy voice echoed through the quite classroom, the only other sounds were bubbles bursting and students flipping pages.

"What is the purpose of creating the draught of peace, Mr.Weasley?" 

"It relieves agitation and anxiety, sir." Percy answered.

"That is correct, and what are the ingredients, Mr. Wood?" Snape asked, his eyes surveyed the class as if he was deciding something.

"Um, powdered moonstone, and uh powdered porcupine quills?"

"Is that an answer or a question, Mr. Wood?" Snape's eyes scrutinized Oliver, who shifted under his glare.

Adrian and Graham snickered.

"An answer sir." Oliver said, with a sheepish smile at his fellow Gryffindors.  

Snape looked displeased.

"Ms. Yaxley, would you care to correct Mr.Wood?" Snape said, a smug sort of smirk appearing on his face when Oliver's smile fell.

Alice straightened her posture, then nodded at Snape.

"Um yes, there are actually two more ingredients: syrup of hellbore, and powdered unicorn horn." She stated, her eyes meeting Oliver's for a few seconds and then going back to Snape's.

"And any side effects?"

"Uh, an overdose of the ingredients could put the drinker into a permanent sleep." Alice's answer filled the class with a sort of dread.

The corner of Snape's mouth rose into a smirk.

"Excellent, 10 points to Slytherin." He stated.

The Gryffindors were sharing frustrated looks, but no one dared to voice their opinion in fear of losing their house points instead of earning any.

Snape slammed his book shut, turning everyone's attention back to him.

"As it is a very advanced level, this assignment shall be done in pairs."  Just as student were looking to their friends with hints of relief, Snape interrupted

"However, I will be assigning your partner." Some students let out groans, others just looked alarmed.

"Mr. Weasley and Mr. Higgs." The first pair was announced. 

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