Home *Moment 12*

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Greeted by the sight of a tall woman who had her black hair in a tight bun, sauntering down the marble staircase only to stand right under the crystal chandelier, as if to pose dramatically; Alice knew she was home. She couldn't help but smile at the woman's usual antics, and was glad to see that the woman opened up her arms, inviting Alice in for a hug.

"Missed me Mother?" Teased Alice.

"Oh so dearly sweetheart!" Alaina squeezed Alice.

Pulling back, Alice took a better look at her mother.
Midnight black hair pulled into a tight bun, flawless skin (Which Alice knew was a result of a secret charm, despite her mother refusing to admit it), a necklace of pearls, and long black cocktail dress  draped in a white fur jacket. Alaina always dressed like she was ready for an evening full of occasions, which for Alaina Yaxley, was not far from the truth.

"Did you make sure to invite all your team mates?" Alaina asked as she brushed Alice's hair away from her face.
"Yes, maman." Alice answered with a sigh. She didn't understand why her mom insisted on inviting the whole team. Alice was used to her mom taking the liberty of including the Flint family to the guest list, much to Alice's annoyance at that time. But no matter how much she protested, her mom would always respond with 'Your father wouldn't like it if I didn't make sure to invite all of the Sacred Twenty Eight families, you know that.'. 

Alice was snapped away from her thoughts when Alaina patter her cheeks softly. "Why don't you go get cleaned up and dressed well, dear? You should go greet your father after that, he's in his study." 

"Alright." as Alice made her way up the stairway, Alaina started bossing around some of the house elves before announcing, "I'll have Moody bring you something to eat in a bit."
Alice stopped in the middle of the stairway and leaned on the side to look at Alaina. "I forgot to ask, is Aidan home yet?" Alice asked loudly so her mom could hear her before she left. Alaina peaked back, "Not yet, he should have left Drumstrang this morning, he'll probably be home by supper."
Alice couldn't help but grin, she missed her older brother's antics and couldn't wait to see him and hear all about what he's been up to.


Alice laid in bed after a quick shower and getting dressed in a casual floral dress. Moody has brought her a tray of food, but Alice left it untouched. She had her forearm draped over her closed eyes as she thought back to her mother's words about the Sacred Twenty-Eight and her Father's insistence. Alice felt.. uncomfortable. Despite her upbringing, and her strict father, She never really subscribed to this whole pure blood only belief. She might have grown up to be like them, but she knew why she didn't. It was all thanks to one person she happened to meet as a child, Oliver Wood.

Oliver is a 'half-blood', meeting him changed Alice's whole perspective on the world that her family raised her to believe. She enjoyed her time with Oliver; despite it being short lived. Every time she tried to question the words of her parents on muggles and half-bloods, she was vehemently scolded. Nobody listened to what she had to say, other than Aidan.
Aidan had his own secrets as well. Alice smiled as she sat up in her bed. That was the reason they grew to be close, they shared all their scandalous secrets with no worries. Alice giggled to herself. Poor Alaina & Gavin Yaxley, the traditional parents had no idea that both of their children were bluntly lying to them for years.


"Come in." Gavin Yaxley's steely voice was heard on the other of the door as Alice was about to knock. She felt shivers run down her spine at the sound of it.
Alice slowly slid the door open and peeked in. A white haired man dressed in an expensive looking black suit, with a black shirt, sat at a desk full of books stacked on it. His expression was as stern as usual with his brows furrowed. his eyes resonating an ice cold atmosphere despite the fire place near the desk. Alice walked into the study room and quietly shut the door behind her. Gavin did not look up from his book.

"I'm home père." Alice said in a hushed tone, she tried to smile but her lips did not allow it. Alice never knew how to feel around her father, he was always so distant, whenever she was in his presence she felt very uncomfortable and out of place.
Gavin looked up from his book; Alice's eyes darted away immediately. She stared at the wine glass on his desk, focusing on the fire's reflection on the glass.
"Is Aidan home?" He asked. Alice's shoulder's slumped.
"He should be arriving by dinner." she answered softly.
"I see." Gavin's hand went to his wine glass, his sleeve lifting enough for Alice to catch a glimpse of his wrist tattoo. A skull with a snake twisting out of it. A Death Mark.
Alice has seen it before, yet every time she saw it she could feel her blood run cold. She knew that one day she will probably be marked as well, and she dreaded it. Gavin's eyes studied her, as if looking for a reaction, surveying Alice and waiting for her to show weakness; But Alice keep her face straight.
Gavin smirked, Alice might have imagined it but she thinks she saw a hint of pride in his eyes for a second.
"Welcome home, my dear Alice." Gavin finally said, setting down his wine glass. He stood up, which almost startled Alice. Gavin turned around, giving Alice his back as he looked over their garden from his window.
"When Aidan gets here, tell him to come see me immediately." Gavin commanded.
Alice felt dread creeping over her, what did he want with Aidan that was so urgent? Whenever her father was involved, things didn't turn out well.
"Yes père." She answered. Gavin didn't say anything more, he still had his back turned to her. The crackling of the fireplace being the only sound in the room, Alice took this as her queue to leave.

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