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Advice *Moment 3*

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"He is such a git!"


Alice was immediately shushed by madam Pince. She sighed in frustration then turned back to her friend, Cara Burke. Cara and Alice have known each other for as long as they could remember, but their friendship wasn't one with a magical start. Their families were close for centuries, and 'it was only fitting for them to become friends' as Alice's mother has put it.

Still, after years of spending most of their time together, they have grown to be close.

"Then why bother him at all? Cara asked, though her attention was to the potions book she was reading.

"Really Cara? I thought you were a Ravenclaw, how many times am I supposed to tell you this?" Alice asked in annoyance.

"Yeah, yeah. I know, It's because you love quidditch." Cara replied.

Alice turned to her friend with a quizzical look. "Then why did you ask?"

"Because I wasn't paying attention, I was just pretending to listen." Cara answered bluntly.

Alice's jaw dropped slightly. "You know, you're too honest for your own good."

"I've just had bad experiences with dishonesty, so I avoid it." the blonde girl replied.

Alice let out a long exasperated sigh and buried her head into her arms at the table. Cara put down her book at the sight of her friend clutching onto her hair.

"Does he really bother you that much?" Cara asked.

"yes" Alice's muffled reply sounded out through her arm.

Cara exhaled, getting ready to actually put her attention into the matter. "Get up and look at me so we can figure this out." she commanded.

Alice lazily lifted her head, looking into her friend's icy blue eyes. The eyes that took everything on a rational logic, and refused emotions in her decisions. Yet, she knew Cara made an exception for her in that rule.

"How about you show him who's boss? Be tough with him, intimidate him." Cara suggested, only to get a grunt from Alice as she snickered.

"Cara have you seen Flint? I don't even think he's got the brains to be intimidated." Alice retorted.

"Anyone can be intimidated." Cara replied simply.

"It's not going to work." the brunette decided.

Cara rubbed her temple in annoyance at her friend.

"There is another way that I preferred not to mention since I am sure you will dislike it." Cara started.

Alice's back straightened as she heard the blonde, her eyes shone with interest. "What is it?"

"Since it's obvious that Flint is quite short on the brain side, the other way to manipulate him is by his emotions. Now before you joke about him being an emotionally impaired troll-"

Alice closed her parted lips that were about to make that joke.

"Seeing as he is an unintelligent male, I assume he does most of his thinking with his second head. So-"

"NO!" Alice burst out.

"Sshh!" Madam Pince shushed her again, this time sending a death glare with it.

Alice looked her way apologetically then turned back quickly to her friend with a dreadful look.

"I knew you'd object Ali but it's the only way to manipulate him that I'm sure would work."

"Are you crazy Cara?! Have you not been listening to everything I said!" Alice hissed. Care rolled her eyes at her.

"Listen, I'm not telling you to fall for him, I'm just telling you to make him fall for you. That way you'll have him wrapped around your finger. Maybe not even make him fall for you, you could just satisfy him sexual-"

Cara was silenced when a book hit her face. She squeaked and rubbed her nose after the book fell onto the table. An angry Alice glared at her.

"Damn it Ali, that hurt!"

"Good." Alice retorted.

Cara glared at alice with annoyance, then sighed. "There are other ways of course, but they'd land you in Azkaban for sure."

"Doesn't sound so bad compared to the idea of sleeping with Flint." Alice sneered.

"You asked for advice and I gave it to you Ali, have it your way." Cara stated as she picked up her book and went back to reading.

As the clock ticked and minutes passed in silence, Alice pondered over her solutions and Cara absorbed all the information she could comprehend.

Alice groaned in frustration, then stood up.

"I have to get to class." She said as she collected her books and got ready to leave.

Cara grunted in response.

As Alice walked by Cara, she stopped in her steps right by Cara's side. Her lips parted as her mouth was forming words, all the time looking straight ahead.

"Is it really the only way Cara?"

The blonde sensed the desperation in her friend's voice.

"You could always quit quidditch." She stated.

After a couple of seconds of silence, the brunette started walking again and left the library.

That late evening, Cara sat alone in the library as she had that class off. The light from the nearby window enveloped her blonde hair into rays of sunshine, her cold blue eyes contradicting the warm scene and freezing the atmosphere. Her vision went back to book, yet she couldn't help a sinister smirk that played across her lips.

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