Awkward *Moment 4*

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(AN: I'm sorry for the late update! I've been finding it hard to make myself write, as I'm not in peak mental condition, and I've also been travelling and getting ready for Uni! Thank you all for waiting, and I hope this chapter is good enough, leave a comment to let me know what you think, and maybe motivate me to update faster haha. Also, I'll be adding pictures to previous chapters like how Alice looks like and how Cara looks like so be sure to check them out!)

 Marcus knew that Alice was angry at him, and he expected her to be after the scene they made at the great hall, but he noticed that Alice was acting weird. Through out the years he spent at hogwarts, and the occasional times he'd see her and that Cara Burke girl at family events, purebloods would host dinner parties and such every now and then, and so Marcus knew exactly how Alice acted when she was pissed off. She'd come right up to him and tell him he's a git, or she'll pretend like nothing was wrong and secretly scheme something, but right now she was avoiding him.

He wasn't sure at first, he did notice the startled squeak she made when he entered the common room, and how when he thought she'd be storming right into his face and cussing him out, she instead avoided eye contact and stormed off to the girls dorm. Then there was the lunch incident.

Marcus walked into the great hall around noon when it was time for lunch, he had just finished potions class and since his friends were all fifth years, they were already at the slytherin table. He noticed that Alice was sitting next to Adrian, who was stuffing his face, while she was dramatically telling a story to Terrance and Graham who were grinning and laughing. Marcus was too far to hear but he managed to make out her saying something about Filch, the weasley twins, quidditch, and he thought he heard his name somewhere in there. Whatever Alice was saying had Graham bursting out laughing, Adrian laughed and then chocked on his food, which then made Terrance jump over the table to help Alice, who was swearing and cursing under her breath, to save Adrian, which only made Graham laugh harder.

Marcus was surprised at seeing the mess his friends had become due to the presence of one girl. But he wasn't about to complain, as the Gryffindors were starting to send them annoyed glares, and that was good enough for him. Right as Marcus sat down, Graham was wheezing something along the lines of "breaking curfew in your third year? You really are mad Alice" as he started to settle down. Just as Marcus was about to say something, Alice gave Adrian's back a particularly strong slap, and the food stuck in his airpipe flew out and landed right on Marcus's face with a soft splat. Suddenly the group went silent. Adrian looked like he had just arrived at the pitch for practice and realized he had forgotten his broom in the dorm, Terrance looked absolutely horrified, Graham seemed to be torn between wanting to run and stifling his laughter at the look on the captains face. Marcus had his eyes closed, he was trying his best not to lash out right now but he was not ready to deal with this. He was expecting to hear the sound of Alice laughing her ass off at him, but instead he heard something that had him snap his eyes open to make sure he wasn't imagining things.

"Oh my god, uh, i'm sorry i didn't mean that, wait wait i'l just uh" she seemed to be slightly panicking as she had her hands fiddling the end of her sweater and then grooming out the end of her long brown hair, then quickly grabbing a napkin. What happened next is what REALLY made him think that Alice might have been hit with a bludger to the head without him knowing. Alice had leaned over the table, and with her left index finger under his chin while her thumb was over it, she wiped the food off his cheek with the napkin in her right hand. Marcus was suddenly very aware of her thumb being very close to his lips, and how she was biting her lower lip. He had picked up over the years that Alice would do that when she was nervous, why was she nervous now?
When her blue eyes met his grey eyes, it was as if it woke her up as she dropped her hands away from him, making him back off to his seat. Marcus realized he wasn't the only shocked one, since Adrian looked surprised too. Terrance looked worried, while Graham had a pleased dumb grin on his face. Alice dropped the napkin, then brushed some strands of her hair behind her ear, her cheeks were redder than a weasley's hair. She was avoiding looking at him again.

"Uh i just remembered i need to um get a thing from Cara." Alice stated.
"A thing?" Graham pushed, he was starting to think he'll make a hobby of teasing Alice.
"Yes, uh I need to burrow a book for my Arithmancy homework on the magical properties of the number seven" she glared daggers at Graham. She specifically chose to say Arithmancy, knowing none of the boys were taking that class so that no one would ask anymore questions.
That apparently didn't stop Graham as he was about to tease her a bit more, but Terrance quickly interjected with a "Alright, we'll see you in Care of Magical Creatures then". Alice gave him a thankful look as he smiled slightly and nodded at her. Alice quickly scurried off to the Ravenclaw table and sat next to the blonde at the end of the table with a book in her face.
Marcus watched her at the other side of the great hall as she had her hands clutching her hair while her had was down, she seemed to be saying something to Cara.
"Did you do something to her Marcus?" Adrian asked.
"I have no idea, she's been acting weird but I don't remember doing anything particularly offensive." Marcus answered.
"She was normal before you came" Terrance remarked. Marcus felt a bit offended for an odd reason.
"Well, as normal as Yaxley gets, that looney" Graham grinned.
"As mad as she is, i've never seen her act this way, I'm actually starting to get worried" Marcus said.
"You worried about Alice? that's new. You starting to get soft captain." Adrian remarked, a smirk on his face.
"Shutup, I'm just saying the way she's acting might affect her play in matches." Marcus defended.
"Whatever you say captain." Graham grinned at Adrian.

As the conversation changed to Graham and Adrian discussing who was hotter, Adelaide Murton or Gemma Farley, and Terrance didn't seem interested in the discussion as he continued his meal, Marcus's eyes found their way back to the brunette who now had her face hidden in her arms as she slouched onto the Ravenclaw table. Suddenly, Marcus's eyes met the cold blue ones of Cara, and he could almost feel his blood freeze as she smirked at him. He couldn't help but feel that the look she was giving him seemed all-knowing, like everything was going according to her plan.

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