Confrontation *Moment 6*

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Despite her best efforts, Alice was still behaving awkwardly towards Marcus. For the record, she had gotten better, she can at least look him in the eye now. Well, only for a few seconds.
They have started to practice early in the morning before classes, due to the Slytherin Vs Ravenclaw match approaching, and so Alice had been spending every morning trying to get over her hormonal self. After practice, she'd scurry off to class, and then hide in the library during breaks. She really wanted to do as Cara suggested, but it wasn't as easy as she had initially thought, especially when Marcus took his shirt off after practice. So, instead of listening to Cara and stop avoiding Marcus, she ended up avoiding Cara as well. She was thankful that although it was obvious the boys have noticed, no one has asked questions yet. She had no idea how long she was going to do this, but she decided she'll do it as long as she could get away with it. But that wasn't very long.

Around the third day she had done this, she was again sneaking off to the library, and she squeaked at whom she saw sitting in her usual seat. Right on the chair by the window was Marcus Flint sitting leisurely with his right foot over his left knee.
Alice immediately turned on her heels and was ready to run but Marcus quickly got up and grabbed her by the wrist. Unfortunately, this had caused his chair to topple over, which was enough noise to have Madam Pince there in a second.

"The two of you, out now!" She hissed.
Marcus sighed deeply, while Alice seemed to be finding her shoes the most interesting things in the world.
"Alright." Marcus said calmly, as if waving a white flag so Madam Pince wouldn't rip them to shreds.

Marcus led Alice out of the library, still holding on to her wrist to make sure she doesn't run away. Meanwhile, Alice was wondering how Marcus knew about her usual spot in the library, since she doubted he ever stepped foot in there. When he stopped walking, Alice looked around to see he has taken her into a hallway, with only one Hufflepuff who had his back turned to them. Marcus opened a door and chucked Alice in, who in turn let out a loud shriek, as he followed her and shut the door behind them. The Hufflepuff turned around to inspect the source of the shriek, but scratched his head in confusion when he only saw an empty hall, then he continued his way to the great hall for lunch.

Alice was shrouded in darkness, and was slightly terrified. Then suddenly a light turned on and she had to squint because of its brightness.
"A broom closet?" She whispered. She was then extremely aware of how close she and Marcus were standing, due to the crammed space.
"Spill it." Marcus commanded.
Alice backed away a step, only for him to take a step forward.
"What the hell Marcus?" She decided to play dumb, she fully knew what this was about.
"Come on, Alice, don't play games. You know what I mean." He commanded again.
Alice found herself wondering if he was always this tall, as she hadn't stood this close to him in a while.
"I don't know what you mean" she backed away once again, her back met with a solid surface as she cursed herself mentally for putting herself in this situation. She looked to the side to avoid looking at him.
Suddenly, Marcus slammed his right hand to the wall next to her head, which made her flinch.
'Fuck, I pissed him off' she thought.
"Why have you been acting weird?" He asked.
She bit her lower lip. She couldn't admit to him the reason, she'd die of embarrassment.
Marcus's heart fell when he noticed she was biting her lower lip. She was nervous.
"D-did I do something wrong to you? Did I upset you?" He asked.
Alice's eyes shot to his when she heard him ask that. She couldn't believe what she was hearing, but what met her eyes really made her question her reality. She looked into his grey eyes and she could've sworn she was seeing worry. He worried about her.
Marcus Flint was worried about her.
"What? No, no Marcus you didn't do anything." She stammered. His shoulders relaxed, and the worry in his eyes seemed to lessen, but he still had his hand by the side of her head.
"Then why are you avoiding me?" Marcus whispered calmly. It still felt like he was commanding her and that made her squirm around a little. He had know rested his whole forearm on the wall, which made him get even closer to her.
Marcus's eyes darted from her blue ones, to her lips as she bit down on them, then back to her eyes.
"Marcus I can't." She squirmed, she could feel his body heat on her skin and his breath on her lips and she didn't like how her mind kept reminding her how the current situation was very similar to one of the wet dreams she ended up having about Marcus. Which she woke up from with a 'what the fuck was that???!!' at her brain.
As much as Marcus wanted an answer, he had to admit he liked how hot and bothered Alice looked like. He decided to push further.
"What do you mean you can't? Tell me Alice. Did someone say something that bothered you?" Marcus questioned.
"No! Well actually yes." She thought about Cara's 'advice'.
"But its not their fault I mean it's something else" she bit her lower lip again.
Marcus's left hand went up to her cheek, then he gently pulled her lower lip out from under her teeth with his thumb.
"Don't be nervous." He whispered. His thumb still lingering on her lower lip.
Her breath hitched in her throat at this gesture, and her head was starting to feel a little light. It might've been because her heart was thumping like crazy, but she still couldn't tell him.
His face got even closer to hers, she could feel his chest crushing hers, and she hoped for Merlin's sake that he couldn't feel her heart going crazy.
What Alice didn't know was that Marcus's own heart was pounding.
"Marcus" she whimpered his name as she put her hands on his chest to try to push him away. Just hearing her say his name that way made Marcus take a deep breath to calm himself down.
"Just tell me" he demanded.
She couldn't.
"Marcus I-"
"Alice, just spill it." He said calmly, yet demandingly.
She couldn't.
"I-I" her chest was rising and falling quicker.
"Alice!" He lost his short temper.

She shut her eyes.
She couldn't tell him.
She couldn't tell him she's been having dirty thoughts about him, nor that she'd been having wet dreams about him, she couldn't.
Then everything went quite. She opened an eye to peek at him, only to find him looking shocked. He had backed away a little, but he was still pretty close.
"What did you just say?" He asked.
She looked at him in confusion.
"What?" She questioned.
Marcus's face broke into a dumb grin, which didn't help Alice's stomach churn any less.
"Did you just say you've been having dirty thoughts about me?"
No. No,no,no,no,no!!
"What?? No I haven't" she denied, her eyes wide in surprise.
"Yes you did, you even said you've had wet dreams about me." Marcus stated, his dumb grin getting wider.
Alice's face went entirely red, redder than a phoenix's feathers.
'Fuck, fuck, no, no, no it can't be'
She realized she had actually said her thoughts out loud when she had shut her eyes. She turned around, giving her back to him, so she could hide her red face. She was so embarrassed she could die, she might as well have as she couldn't imagine how she'd live with this.
Marcus chuckled. This was absolutely not what he was expecting, but it was a million times better than he could've imagined things to turn out.
"Who would've thought, Alice Yaxley fantasizing about me?" He said.
"Shutup Marcus" she squeaked. Marcus noticed her french accent, her accent only spilled through when she couldn't control her emotions. Marcus had to do something quick, as he did not want her to end up in tears.
He cleared his throat, then rubbed the back of his neck, he knew he was going to regret this.
"I've fantasized about you too." He admitted. His heart was beating so fast it almost ripped out of his chest.
The brunette turned around to look at him. He immediately regretted his confession, but seeing as she had tears in her eyes he quickly added
"And I've had wet dreams involving you." He confessed. He avoided looking at her, but he could feel her staring at him.

There was a silence, Marcus cursed himself internally as he immediately wished he had a timeturner to undo his confessions. What happened next made him fall out of his thoughts.
A soft giggle came from her, but it soon turned into a laugh.
Alice was laughing.
Marcus could feel his face heat up, he knew he was supposed to be bothered by her laughing at him, but seeing her laugh like this made him feel warm.
"W-why are you laughing?" Marcus asked puzzled.
Alice wiped the tears from her eyes,
"I've never seen you so embarrassed, you should see the look on your face." She said in between giggles.
He couldn't believe her. He was half wishing this whole situation would end up in a steamy make out session or something, but there she was laughing at him for being embarrassed when she was redder than a Gryffindor's Quidditch cloak just a second ago.
He sighed loudly, but he couldn't help smiling. He looked at her and she stared back with a smile. Atleast now that they got the awkwardness out of the way, they could go back to normal. Though Marcus was secretly wishing they wouldn't, because he wants more than what they had.
"I'm sorry for avoiding you." She apologized.
"It's alright, but you have to make it up to me." He smirked.
Alice sighed
"What do I do?" She asked, not too thrilled.
"I'll think about it." Marcus said.
"You can think?" Alice faked surprise. Marcus glared at her as she chuckled.
"I'll pretend I didn't hear that, since it means your back to your normal annoying self." He said.
Alice laughed at that, and Marcus chuckled slightly. She realized that they should probably spent too much time in the broom closet.
"We should probably head to class." She said motioning to the door.
"Alright, but you better come to dinner." Marcus demanded.
"Sure thing captain, don't fantasize about me during class." Alice teased as she laughed while opening the door to leave. He followed after her.
"Back at you." He grinned. She stuck her tongue out him as she walked backwards in the opposite direction of where he was headed.
"Don't stick it out unless you're planning to use it Alice" He shouted at her from where he was standing.
She immediately sucked her tongue in, then turned around
"Eww! Marcus you perv!" She shouted as she ran. But Marcus heard her smile through her voice.
He walked away, but he found himself not being able to get rid of the dumb grin on his face.

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