Muffin *Moment 2*

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Marcus's eyes widened as the sight of a certain brunette flying his way came into his vision. For a second, he waited for her to swerve away, but she looked dead on determined to fling herself at him.

He got his grip ready on his broom, to get himself higher and avoid collision with the newest member of his team (which he was rethinking that decision right now), he didn't move in time though.

Alice slammed into him with all her weight, he felt himself being flung to the side. Marcus thanked god he had already gripped his broomstick, because if he didn't, his face would have reunited with the ground by now. After regaining his balance, he noticed the brunette backing away, leaving space between them in mid air.

Marcus was confused and angry, all he could hear was the swishing of players around him. Just as his lips parted, the shout he had itched to let out hitched in his throat when a gust of wind swished between them with force, with a glint of dark brown, and a sound of a rabid creature. It was a bludger.

"Better keep an eye out, don't wanna lose your head. Do you, captain?" she mocked. Just then, she disappeared in a flash as she flew away tailing Katie Bell.

Marcus watched as Alice punched the quaffle out of Katie's grip and caught it herself, then swerved around and flew towards Oliver Wood, ready to score.

Alice's eyes aimed towards the left hoop, and she aimed for it. Just as Oliver flew to protect the left hoop, she quickly swung the quaffle through the right one and scored.

The cheers of their house exploded as she fist bumped. Then, she smirked towards Oliver Wood, who just looked at her with a troubled expression.

Marcus didn't know what to feel. He was proudly glad of the scores, Slytherin was winning. Yet, he was bothered by the fact that Alice Yaxley was right, his team did need her.

The chatter of the great hall at night echoed through a certain captain's ears, though his mind was elsewhere. Marcus Flint was at his usual spot at the Slytherin table, he might have been there physically, but his mind was busy with thoughts about the loss.

"Marcus are you even listening?" Adrian asked, chewing a sausage. Graham turned to Marcus, awaiting a reply too. Marcus snapped out of his daze and looked to his friends in confusion.

"What?" He asked with furrowed eyebrows. Adrian let out a sigh as he laid down his fork in annoyance.

"Seriously?" Adrian questioned. Now it was Marcus' turn to get annoyed.

"What? Just repeat what you said." He commanded.

"Nevermind that, look over there, seems like she's coming our way." Adrian motioned to the hall's door. Marcus' gaze turned only to fall on a certain face he wasn't too glad to see. Alice Yaxley was making her way to them.

Marcus sighed and turned to his right as Alice plopped down next to him. He was glaring at her hard enough, waiting for his message to get across. Yet, Alice completely ignored his glare, and she even dared to point at his plate and ask

"Hey, are you gonna eat that muffin?" She then turned to meet his eyes, only to get a raised eyebrow in reply.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" He demanded.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm trying to have dinner." She replied calmly. She fully knew she was getting on his nerves, and as much as she tried to hide it, somewhere deep inside she actually enjoyed it. It felt like getting back at him for being a dick through those years.

"What makes you think you can sit with us?" He growled. He didn't really know why she annoyed him so much, but he knew she did.

"What makes you think I can't?" She retorted, raising her own eyebrow mockingly.

Meanwhile, Adrian and Graham were looking back and forth between the two as things got heated, Adrian quickly pitching in to try and calm everyone down.

"So you guys think we did well in today's match?" Adrian asked loudly.

"Yeah of course we did, just because we lost doesn't mean we didn't play well. Those gryffindorks are weaklings!" Graham replied, and they both laughed as they tried to lighten the mood. Sadly, their attempts were futile as they were ignored by the two in front of them.

"What's your problem? Just because we lost doesn't mean you can take it out on me. It's not my fault Potter caught the snitch" she hissed.

"It's not like you stopped them from winning!" he shouted. Marcus could have sworn he saw something flare in her eyes at that point.

"Oh and you did such a great job, Captain. Need I remind you that I'm the reason your head is still on your shoulders? And I did my best, I scored most of our points, I'm part of your team!"

"Just because I accepted you into the team doesn't mean you are part of our group Yaxley." Marcus sneered.

"You know, I've been meaning to ask you this Flint. Why does my presence bother you so much? Is it because I'm a girl and you'd rather surround yourself with males to feed your homosexuality?"

"And why do you try so hard to cling to me, huh Yaxley? Are you really that obsessed with me?"

Alice couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"You're so full of yourself. Ofcourse everything has to be about you." She stood up and bent down to look him right in the eye.

"I'm taking the muffin." she grabbed the pastry off his plate and left.

"Hey, that's my muffin!" Marcus shouted after her.

"Well not anymore!" she shouted back, taking a deep bite into it.

Marcus growled, then turned back to his friend. Only then did he notice the whole hall staring at the scene that unfolded before them.

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