Halloween Part 1 * Moment 9 *

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For a few days after that potion class, Alice couldn't stop thinking about her conversation with Oliver. She really wanted to be able to spend as much time as she'd like with Oliver, but she also liked the company of her Slytherin friends. Those two things can not go together, even though Alice was trying hard to find a way.
She hadn't told anyone about her what happened with Oliver, not even Cara. Just telling Cara about her history with Oliver was hard enough, as Cara seemed to be completely against the idea of Alice and Oliver being friends. It was not because of blood though, Cara said that Oliver does not match Alice's "fire", whatever that means.
Not much has changed, other than the fact Alice would smile at Oliver when she passed him, not while she was with Marcus of course, as that would end badly. But she doubted Marcus would even notice, he'd probably be too busy glaring daggers at Oliver.
Unknown to Alice though, Marcus was keeping an eye out to see if Wood would try to interact with Alice in any way. He was informed by Adrian and Graham that Snape had paired Alice and Wood together in class, and according to Graham "they looked to be getting along well, too well." Marcus's was skeptical of course, as Graham did have the tendency to exaggerate for dramatic effect as he seemed to enjoy that, but he was still bothered by it. Especially since Alice hadn't even mentioned it to him. She surely would have told him that she was paired up with his arch-nemesis, and how he had a hard time dealing with feisty little Alice, right? But she didn't.

The days had passed quickly without much change. They had quidditch practice early in the morning, then ate breakfast together, and headed off to classes. Adrian and Graham were still idiots, Cara was still a smart ass, Terrance was still a gentle soul, and Marcus and Alice were still teasing each other, with a lot of underlying sexual tension that everyone was aware of but no one ever addressed.

It was a Saturday morning, which meant it was the day they headed off to Hogsmeade. It also happened to be the 31st of October, and Alice was excited for the day as it meant she'll be having lot of candy.  As she was feeling particularly prideful that day, she had put on a vintage green dress her brother had gotten her for her last birthday, and tied her hair into a side braid. 

Alice met up with Cara by the great hall, she was wearing a flowing mustard skirt that reached a bit under her knees, along with a black shirt. She had her blonde mane tied up, which made her look lot more approachable. Being a Yaxley and a Burke meant that they always had to be dressed up properly, as they were ever since coming into the world. It was as if wearing a pair of jeans would stain their families' names, much to Alice's dismay. 

"You're looking good, as always." Adrian  slid in to stand next to Cara, who seemed to be trying hard not to break into a smile. 

"Can't you go one day without trying to flirt with me?" Cara asked. Marcus, Graham, and Terrance showed up.

"I don't think that's possible." Adrian replied with a smirk. As Cara continued to try and counter every line with a snarky comment, Alice had turned to Marcus and Terrance. All of the boys were dressed in black suits, as most Slytherins usually do. 

"Morning, boys." Alice greeted. 

"Good morning Ali." Smiled Terrance. Alice had been getting closer to Terrance, he's quickly becoming one of her best friends.

"Morning, love." Marcus was being his usual self. Alice had gotten so used to him by now that she just flashed him a smirk. 

They all started making their way out of hogwarts and to hogsmeade along with the other students.

As they reached the little village, Alice grinned brightly at the sight of halloween decorations set up. There were floating carved pumpkins and Candy growing on trees, fake dementors set up and spider webs with glowing spiders, it was everything she'd hoped for. 

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