Friends *Moment 5*

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"Cara, do you hate me?" asked Alice, with her head hidden in her arms. The blonde beside her simply flipped a page in her book and replied

"No, why do you ask Ali?" 

Alice let out an inhumane noise,something between a sigh and a grunt.

"Because you did this to me" whined Alice.

"Come on, Ali. It's not my fault you've got a dirty mind." Cara jabbed.

"I do NOT have a dirty mind" Alice shot up from her slouch to glare at Cara, who just smirked at her.

"I just suggested the idea that you pleasure fli-" 

"CARA OH MY GOD" Alice covered Cara's mouth quickly, as nearby Ravenclaws gave them weird looks.

Cara took a deep breath after Alice released her, and then continued

"As I was saying," she fixed her reading glasses. "I simply suggested the idea, but it's not my fault the images keep popping in your head every time you look at him." Cara stated.

Alice finally let her glare fall, she let out a deep sigh and hugged Cara from the side. 

"I know, I was just angry and confused and I don't know what to do with myself." Alice admitted. She wanted to go back to being sassy and snarky at everything Flint said, she enjoyed teasing him. But now every time she looked at him, her brain would decide its the best time to shove images of her and flint making out as he unbuttoned her shirts, or him having his arms around her waist as he hugged her from behind while trailing kisses down her neck to her shoulder or-

Alice threw a palm to her forehead, she's doing it again, and it's all thanks to Cara. The blonde devil sitting beside her.

"You'll get over it Ali, I'm sure." Cara assured her. 

"Well I hope this goes away quickly because I'm gonna have to spend alot of time with him soon, with the Slytherin vs Ravenclaw match coming up." Alice thought to herself.

"You know, avoiding him will only make it worse." Cara stated as she looked at the brunette that had her lead lying on her shoulder, with her arms around her waist.

"I know, they all probably think I'm being weird but I can't help it." Alice replied.

"But if you spend more time with him, you'll get used to it and this whole mess will just go away." Cara said. 

Alice thought about it, and it made sense to her, maybe she should stop avoiding him. Cara is a Ravenclaw anyways, she probably knows best.

"Alright, I'll try to stop avoiding him." Alice gave in. Cara patted Alice's head, and Alice felt more assured that everything will be okay. Though she wouldn't have felt that way if she had seen the smirk on Cara's face.

Cara closed the book she was reading about ancient runes, and then gave quick pats to Alice's back to make her sit up

"Come on, Arithmancy starts in a few, you know how professor Vector gets if we were late." Cara said, while packing her stuff. 

Alice quickly stood up and straightened out her robes. Her blue eyes met Marcus's grey ones from across the hall. Her first instinct was to look away, but she fought the urge and kept their gazes locked. It wasn't till he looked away because Adrian started talking about something that Alice linked her arms with Cara and they both went off to class.

 In between jotting down notes and listening to professor Vector babble, Alice made a mental note to thank Terrance later for getting her out of the messy situation, and also to 'accidentally' jab Graham in the guts sometimes.

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