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Innuendo *Moment 7*

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Alice walked to the Slytherin table Thursday morning, with Cara walking beside her. She had gone to apologize for avoiding Cara, only to find out that the blonde devil was responsible for Marcus waiting for her in the library. 

As Cara put it 'if you weren't going to go to him, I had to send him your way. The two of you are dumbasses.' 

Alice should have figured that out, as only Cara knew about their usual spot in the library. 

"Morning." Alice greeted as she went to sit infront of Terrance. Cara followed suit and slid in next to her.

"Morning Alice." Terrance greeted with a smile. Graham made a noise as his mouth was full, Alice figured he was greeting them and nodded his way.

"Good Morning ladies." Adrian chirped, his eyes on Cara. 

Alice smirked as she could tell that Cara was intentionally not looking at Adrian, but he was too thick to understand.

"Nice of you for joining us today Burke." Adrian said.

"It is nice of me isn't it? Since you are clearly undeserving of my presence." Cara shot back, now fully looking him in eyes.

Adrian's expression immediately fell. 

Alice let out an "Ooooh" as she mentally noted to ask Cara later what has happened between her and Adrian that she wasn't aware of. Terrance snickered, then looked to Alice in a "Yikes" kind of manner, and Alice smirked at him. Graham coughed, almost choking from the shock of the sudden reply. 

Adrian decided to shut up, and he focused more on his food. Cara had also grabbed a biscuit to eat. Meanwhile Graham, Terrance, and Alice were shooting each other looks of slight amusement and confusion. Alice quickly decided to interrupt the awkward silence that was setting.

"Where's Marcus?" Alice asked. The quick glance that Graham and Adrian shared didn't go by unnoticed by her, neither did the slight smirk that appeared on Cara's lips.

Terrance swallowed a bite of a bagel, before replying to Alice.

"He's up in the library, said he wasn't too hungry and he'd rather spend his time revising our game plan against the Ravenclaws." 

"Really? this early?" Alice asked.

"It's also a Thursday, which means no one in school has many classes today, so he should have alot of free time." Cara added.

Terrance shrugged.

"Yeah, but I think he's quite worried about the match, you Ravenclaws are too smart." Adrian said, looking at Cara.

"You're just too dumb." She stated simply. 

"Hey!" Graham replied. Alice put a hand over her chest, and faked being offended. 

"No wonder Alice is so snarky, she must've pick it up from you." Adrian said with a grin. Cara's sass seemed to be having the opposite effect on Adrian than she hoped for.

Alice finished off her bowl of strawberries and cream, then stood up, the others turned to look at her.

"I'm going to go join the captain." She stated simply. 

Again, Graham and Adrian shared a glance, only this time Cara had joined them.

"What?" Alice asked defensively.

"Hm? Nothing." Graham quickly answered.

Alice sighed, knowing it wasn't nothing, but she didn't feel like confronting them today. "Anyone coming?" she asked.

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