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Halloween Part 2 *Moment 10*

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(A/N: I literally took like a year to update wow. I started university and got really depressed and very busy I completely forgot about this fic. I apologize for everyone who waited for an update.)

"We'll see you at dinner yeah?" Adrian asked.

"Yeah, see you guys later." Answered Cara.

They had just come back from Hogsmaede, the group had split up at their common room door to freshen up for the Halloween feast. Cara had left for the Ravenclaw's dormitory, Alice and the boys entered their own common room. The green glowing lamps and the scenery of the lake from the window set a cold atmosphere that clashed with the red flames protruding heat from the fire place. This contrast had become so familiar to Alice that it had become homey and comfortable to her. Marcus, Adrian, and Terrance crashed into the leather sofas near the fireplace. Graham had spotted Gemma Farley with her friend Adelaide in the corner of the common room and decided to go flirt with Farley, much to Farley's chagrin.

Alice decided to sit down next to Terrance, who smiled at her.

"So, Alice, does Cara ever talk about me?" Adrian decided to break the silence.

"Oh yeah, she does." Alice smiled innocently as she rested her back on the couch.

Terrance and Marcus looked at her, amused by their exchange.

"Really?" Adrian seemed surprised.

"Mmhmm, she talks alot about you." Answered Alice.

Adrian leaned forward in his seat, a smirk on appeared on his face. "Well, what does she say?"

"Weeell, she talks about how annoying you are, and she talks about obviously flirtatious you are, and-"

Marcus grinned, he had expected that, being the butt of Alice's jokes usually he had come to learn her manners.

"Should I go on?" Teased Alice, she couldn't help but smirk at Terrance's snicker next to her.

"Wait, does she actually say that?" Adrian's face fell.

"Nope." Alice answered.

"Oh, thank god." Adrian seemed relieved.

"She actually doesn't mention you. Like, at all." Alice stated.

Seemingly confused, Adrian replied with "Hold on, I can't tell if that's better or worse."

"Worse." Marcus stated.
"It's Worse." agreed Terrance.

Before Adrian could say anything more to Alice, she decided it was time to save Gemma and Adelaide from Graham.

"I should go freshen up and change, see you guys at dinner." She said as she stood up.

"I quite enjoyed seeing you in that dress Alice." Marcus quickly said before she left.

"All the more reason to change now." She stuck out her tongue at him before grabbing Gemma's arm.

"Why don't you two come with?" She motioned towards the dormitory.

Gemma's face was filled with relief as she agreed a little too fast.
"I was talking to her Alice!" Graham wasn't amused.

"Well, enough talking." She pulled Gemma by her wrist and Adelaide followed suit, sending a glare towards Graham, which he chose to just smile at.

"Thank you" Gemma whispered.

Alice immediately let out a huge sigh and fell onto her bed right as the dorm room door clicked.

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