Balls *Moment 1*

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Alice was making her way to the quidditch pitch, on her way to her first match, as the events of the previous day ran through her mind. She could not believe that she was finally accepted to the all-boys Slytherin quidditch team, she made her point the day before which finally changed Flint's mind.

'Honestly, the way they refused girls on their team for so long makes a person rethink their sexuality.' Alice thought as a smirk made it's way on her face.

"Look Flint, I've been trying to make the team ever since my first year and all the gits before you refused me just because I'm a girl!" Alice shouted at the tall sixth year as he was making his way to quidditch practice with his team.

"Well they were right to do so, girls can't handle quidditch." he said simply without looking at her, his team snickering at her expression of disgust. Alice quickly stepped in Marcus's way and stood in front of him as he looked down at her. She couldn't help but notice his manly features, his slick jawline as he clenched his trollish teeth at her in annoyance, his masculine figure and broad chest as he towered over her. Alice gulped as she moved in closer in attempt to be intimidating, which only made her heart beat faster as she looked into his grey eyes. The team went silent as they watched them, smirks painted on their faces.

"Oh I can handle quidditch Flint." Alice said in a low voice as she sent a blood freezing glare to the captain in front of her. He smirked at her as he moved closer, his face so close to hers she could feel his warm breath on her lips.

"What else can you handle Yaxley?" he asked mockingly in a husky voice while looking at her suggestively. Alice's eyes widened as the team burst into cackling laughters, she pushed Marcus away from her as she stomped back to the castle shouting

"You'll see you dirty git!"

The team watched her as they laughed, a smirk played on Marcus's face as she turned back and gave him the middle finger, which made the team make "Ooo" sounds. Adrian Puecy stood by his captain saying

"Fiesty one isn't she?" Marcus just looked at him with the smirk still on his face, then turned around and led his team to the quidditch pitch.

Marcus Flint was flying on his broomstick, feeling the wind rush by his face as he held the quaffle under his arm, making sharp turns here and there to avoid his teammates as they tried to steal it away from him. Quickly ducking, he barely dodged a bludger that threatened to tear his head off. As he repositioned himself properly on his broom, he sent a death glare to his beater who just replied with a grin. Suddenly, the quaffle under his arm flew out at the push of someone from behind him. The person flew past him like lighting as they took hold of the quaffle, made their way between all the green robes, slithering between their attempt like a true snake as they threw the quaffle into the hoop and scored. As the person came to a stop, Marcus noticed they weren't wearing green robes but instead the usual hogwarts female uniform, a brown braid down the smirking girl's back, her light blue eyes gleaming with delight.

Adrian hovered by her as he remarked "Not a good idea flying a broom with a skirt that short." he smirked as he eyed her below the waist. She quickly flew to him and rammed her weight into him, almost knocking him off the broom. "How about you keep your eye on the quaffle and not my arse, you arse."

Graham and Terrence snickered nearby at Adrian as Terrance whispered to Graham "I like her", Graham nodding in agreement.

"What the hell do you think you're doing Yaxley?!" Marcus shouted at her as he flew to her.

"I'm showing you I can handle quidditch, Flint!" she shouted back.

Marcus stared at her, unsure of what to say. He couldn't deny what just happened, she managed to take the quaffle from the captain himself, fly past the rest of the team like a falcon, and score a goal so swiftly. The team surrounded the captain and Alice as they watched her try to reason with him.

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