Part 11: Rival

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A Caterpillar-like man is lying just in front of the classroom doorway. Raising a question in everyone's head.

'Who the hell is this guy?!'

...Except for (Y/N), who was sweating nervously that he can fill up a bucket. As he cursed his luck.


There was once a famous debate in the Musutafu, Japan.

"So what do you guys think about the newly recognized vigilante called, Black Spider?"

"That famous new guy, huh..."

At that time, (Y/N) was still a green in the Vigilante business. Moreover, he was only around 12 or so at the time. But due to the help from Miki's great informational Ability, his absurd Ability to absorbs anything plus being able to devour and uses any abilities. He was quickly raising his name to the top.

But just as one's fame rose, the trouble that floated around him does, too.

"I heard that the Pro Hero, Eraserhead is in charge of his case now?"

"Eraserhead, huh? Well, that guy is a one of a kind."

The Pro Hero Eraserhead...

That name is something that (Y/N) to never ever wanted to know nor face against

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That name is something that (Y/N) to never ever wanted to know nor face against.

If he ever had the quirk to rewinds the time, he would wish to do so and lay a little more low during those days. So he can avoid meeting this guy.

"His Quirk allows him to nullify any quirks that is in his lines of vision. Of course, it doesn't work on all quirks. But it's still very powerful."

"Come to think of it, Spider's Quirk is still unknown right? I heard that it was supposed to be an Emitter-type. So it might actually works."

"So who do you guys think will win? Eraserhead or Black Spider?"

And that's what starts the debate.

"Eraserhead obviously! There's no Vigilante that is good enough to fight against him!"

"No, No, remember we didn't know anything about Black Spider. Remember how he was able to defeat a whole group of Yakuzas before? Eraserhead is strong and all, but that feats are just absurd!"

"Look, no matter what kind of Quirk does Spider have. They would just be nullified with Eraserhead's Quirk!"

Eraserhead vs Black Spider of Calamity. Erasure of Quirks vs Devourer of Quirks.

And saying it honestly, that's what makes Erasure so dangerous to him.

Just like as it was mentioned, Eraserhead can erase all types of quirks except one...Mutant-type.

But (Y/N) doesn't have a Mutant-type quirk.

It's not as if that he never killed a Mutant-type user before or anything. But whenever he did so, Nidhogg will automatically transmute that Quirk and turn it into a Transformation-type.

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