Part 8: In the Middle of The Exam

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'Ah, man. Why did I accept his challenge anyway?' (Y/N) thought as he swings into a 1 Point robot with a Shadow Claw.

The claw easily sliced the robot in two. As (Y/N) jumped onto a 2 Points robot.

'Well, I guess it's fine anyway.' (Y/N) gave himself a mental shrug as he create multiple Shadow Balls to pierce a few more robots.


"In this practical exam, the examinees was not informed of the location of the enemies."

An examiner of the exam with a small voice said, as they watched the exam from the observing room.

"They have a limited amount of time in a vast area. They have to draw the villains from there."

The screen changes to a teenager, using his multiple appendages to search for more enemies.

"Information gathering ability to understand the situation before anyone else."

The screen changes to the glasses wearing boy. Sliding on the ground with his engine legs.

"Mobility that can be used in many different circumstances."

The screen changes to a boy with a laser that shot out of his stomach.

"Discernment to stay calm in any situation."

Finally, the screen changes to Bakugo and (Y/N) slaughtering the faux villains with their quirks.

"And pure combat ability. These abilities are needed to keep the peace of the streets! And was counted as points in this exam."

"Doesn't this year's group seems promising?" A lady's voice sounded.

"Well, we can't know for sure yet." A man's voice commented.

"Well, these two are quite promising though!" The small voice sounded again. As he pushes a button.

There, on the screen, was (Y/N) using a shadow sword to destroy a 3 pointer. While by its side was Miki, rewriting the data of two 2 pointer robot to attack each other.

"It is as if they are a group of battle hardened heroes. Look at that girl, she uses her ability to control the faux villains so she could gain more points for herself!"

The camera then cuts to a part in which Miki uses her ability to help a nearby injured student.

"See? She even shows the capability of a heroism with that!"

"The boy is no less than that, every part of his movements is experienced and he kept his calm even when surrounded or attacked. Not only that, he also uses his ability to move around in incredible speed!"

"Gathering information, mobility, ability to stay calm and combat ability. These two are definitely talented in this!"

"However, the true test is still yet to come..."

The last voice opened a case containing a button. Before pushing it down.


"Hm?" Miki sounded as she felt the ground shake.

She tilted her head to see...a huge robot! Rivaling a building!

'That's...the zero pointer?! Isn't that a little too big!' Miki complained in her head.

Obviously, She ran in an opposite direction of the robot.

'I can hack into that big ass' robot's data. But it'll be too dangerous to use it since it's too big! It'll endangers the rest of the examinee!'

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