Part 4: Flaws

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"Izuku? Wake up Izuku! Wake up!" Miki said as she softly slapped the green haired. Eventually, she just slapped him...hard.

Weird how she wakes him up is similar to how a certain android waking up a suicidal cop.

"Woah!" Izuku yelped in surprised as he quickly raises himself from the asphalt.

"Hm, it's good now that he's awake." A manly voice said in relief.

Looking towards the direction of the voice. We sees him...All Might. The man himself.

"A-A-Ahhh!" Izuku squealed from disbelief that his idol was here.

"I-I need to get an autograph!" He searched around for something to write on. He then found his book on the ground, but then finds that it was already signed.

"Th-Thank you! It'll be an heirloom! A family treasure!" The mentioned then said as he repeatedly bows. While Miki and I just sweatdropped.

"Well then, I need to take this guy to the police. Until we meet again!" All Might said as he leaps into the air.

As we watched him flies, I suddenly noticed something.

"Wait...Where's Izuku?!"

I then look towards the disappearing figure. And finds that, a green figure was by All Might's leg.

"No way..." I muttered, but then Miki places her hand on my shoulder.

"It's okay, (Y/N). That's All Might we're talking about. I'm sure he'll be fine."

I sighed. Let's just hope so.


While walking to home, I suddenly remembers that the food's home is getting low. So I told Miki that I will be stopping by the grocery store first.

"Ouh~! They have a 50% discount on the meat sales!"

Miki sweatdrops, seeing how I acted.

In the end, I ended up buying quite a lot of them. Well, at least we won't have to be worried for the next months.

"Hm?" Suddenly, I found that crowds was gathering nearby. As we were curious, Miki and I decided to join.

"What's happening?" I asked a nearby civilian.

"A child has been taken hostage by a villain. The heroes were currently powerless against it due to the fire that were spreading." He replied.

I nodded, and raises my neck, so I can see a better view. And then it shocked me.

The villain that was in mentioned was the same villain who attacked me and Izuku. And the one who was in its possession was...Bakugo?!

We sees as Bakugo, struggles to escape. The hero Death Arms, trying to punch the slime but failed due to its malleable body. And was instead thrown away.

Explosions happened, and the shockwave created a torrent of air that made the heroes struggles to get closer.

"Woah! Is he some kind of big shot villain!?"

"Ah, look! It's the Rookie Hero, Mountain Lady!"

And with that announcement, a gigant size woman in a tight outfit were rushing to the scene with a smile. However she was not able to get in. As she was too big.

We watched in silence, as I was thinking.

'If I let that villain possesses Bakugo. Then, I will have a reason to kill it. And I could maybe get its quirk.'

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