Part 2: Friends

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[You've gained "Smoke Generation", "Double Hit", "Maximum Muscle Usage"]

[ "Smoke Generation" and "Smoke Manipulation (Incomplete)" was merged together to create "Typhokinesis"]

'Eh, that's not so bad.' I thought after seeing the amount of the quirks that I got.

Plus I'm not hoping for a heaven defying abilities from some random junkie seller anyway.

"So~ what do you got (Y/N)?" Miki who was nearby asked.

"Secrets" I replied bluntly, making her pouts.

I must say though, Miki's fighting capabilities surprised me. She's really good when using that data-created claws.

Guess that's martial arts class isn't for show.

"Well anyway, what do we do about him?" She asked as she pointed to a nearby fainted green haired boy.

"Well, that's easy." I said as I walked closer to the boy.

Seeing me doing that, Miki panicked.

"Wa-wait! Even if he's a witness you're not going kill him right?"

She said in worry. Well, I guess I can understand why. When killing someone, I didn't even bat an eye.

It was something that was hard to get used to at first, but after doing it for several years. It just became the norm.

I think that's the same for Miki too. As I could see her legs shaking a little.

Killing just fucked up, no matter how you do it or who you did it to. In the end killing is killing, and killing is wrong.

But still if I have one rules that I must follows and that is that I must not, or would not kill an innocent bystander.

"It's okay. You yourself know that I wouldn't kill an innocent person"

As I walked to the green haired boy, I kneeled and grabbed the former's head. But then, I noticed something.

"Why does he looks so familiar?"

"He's Izuku Midoriya! Not only does he in the same class as us, I just told you his name today! How can you forgot it already?!"

"Oh, right. Ehem, anyway." I then said softly.


As I said so, a black substances flows out of my hands and started to enter to Izuku's brains.

Over the time of years, not only did I manage to create some ways to utilize my quirk for offense. I also manage to utilize my quirk for things such as this.

It's simple, I'll just absorb the memory that he have just now and we're done.

'Well, anyway' I thought as I took a deep breath.


Inside Izuku's mind.

'So this is his mind, huh?' I thought as I saw the numerous doors inside here.

To be honest, this is first time using this. So I honestly, doesn't really know how an inside of a person's head looks like.

I tried open one of the doors as I saw a young Izuku Midoriya watching a video in his computer.

It was a video of All Might. The number one Hero of Japan. Maybe the whole world, I don't know.

The video shows All Might saving a few civilians from a fire. While still maintaining a wide smile.

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