Part 9: Results

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A week Later...



"Well, what did you find? Miki?"

"I guess...It's to be expected?"

Miki sighed as she shows a video from her laptop.

It was the video of Izuku, running around the stage. Not getting any points and not even capable of defeating any villains.

It seems that this is a Video Footage of the Entrance Exam. Miki was able to hacked and make a copy of it before it was deleted.

...That is to say, to be able to hacked into one of the most secured place on Earth is pretty impressive. But ignoring that.

'...Sigh, Yeah, I guess that's to be expected...'

He was...quite disappointed by it...But then...


Izuku jumped...Higher and Higher and Higher. He raises his arms and pulls it backwards. Then finally-

-He punched forward! With a shout loud.


This is simply impossible right? Izuku was supposed to be quirkless!

Sure, he did had some training for about 10 Months. But if that's all what is needed for that kind of power. Then, the Existence of Quirks is just meaningless.


(Y/N) felt as if a 3rd Party was currently in the working...

'...No...I doubt Izuku would be that desperate. So maybe he just got his Quirk late? But... why such a long time in the game? No wait, did he tricked the whole world into believing that he's Quirkless?...No, that wouldn't benefit him at all...' He thinks deeply.

Of course, if (Y/N) knows the truth that his friend had inherited a quirk from the Symbol of Peace. Then, he would probably not mind much about it.

On the screen, Izuku was seen to be freefalling from the sky.

"Shit..." (Y/N) unconditionally cursed. However, he didn't expect the next part.


A hand proceeds to reach out and slaps Izuku in the process. Then, Izuku's momentum instantly reduces to 0.

"Is that...the girl from the Entrance?"

"Yep, I think so. I didn't know anyone with as much bubbly as her anyway."

"Seems that she's got something like a flying quirk of some sort. Couldn't you hack into the database and find her out?"

"Ara~ Ara~ (Y/N)~? Are you seriously talking about another girl in my presence?"

(Y/N) : -_-

"...Okay, Okay, I'm joking! Jeez! Her name is Uraraka Ochako and her Quirk is to make the things she touched to lose gravity. Well basically, she can make things float. Not like she doesn't have anything to do with everything else anyway!"


Well, Izuku was saved. So he can't complain anyway.

*Ding Dong*


(Y/N) and Miki looks towards the door and then each other.

Seems like the test result had arrived.

(Y/N) and Miki received one envelopes only. Is the result sent together?

"Oh, something's in here."

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