Part 12: Who Are You?

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Izuku was sent to the infirmary straight after those events. Well, with that kind of injury, it's good that the Academy's medical forces are quick about it.

"You sure you're good now? I think Miki can help fastens the healing at least." (Y/N) asked his friend who came out of the infirmary with a skeptical expression.

"Yeah, it's fine! Plus I can't rely on you guys too much if I want to be a Hero in the future!" Izuku replied.

"Well, if that's what you want..." (Y/N) shrugs with a sigh in reply.

All of a sudden, two students approaches them.

"Hey! You three!" Said the bubbly Ochako, with Iida greeting them with his signature robotic handwave.

"Are you three going home already?" Iida spoke, adjusting his glasses.

"Well naturally, this guy gotta rest up with his injuries." Miki said as she pointed towards Izuku. To which Izuku simply chuckles while bashfully scratching his head.

"Ah! Then, let's walk together then!" Ochako suggested.

Izuku was about to reply, but he suddenly remembered about his two friends. He looked towards (Y/N), who replied with a shrug and Miki, who just gave an 'OK!' handsign.

"Y-Yeah! Let's walk together!" Izuku agreed with a shy face.

Thus the group of five decided to walk home together. At the same time, they were talking as if gossiping to each other.

"That part where you go like SMASSSSHHHH! Is really cool!"

"T-T-T-Thank you..."

Ochako complimented Izuku enthusiastically. Which is replied by the greenette with a stuttering mess.

'He really needs to get better with his Shyness...' (Y/N) thought with a sweatdropped smile.

"Come to think of it, (Y/N) and Miki is always together right? Are you two an item or something?" Ochako asked.

"That's a really subtle ways to change the topic!" (Y/N) commented out loud.

On the other hand, Miki decided to use the opportunity to teases him.

"Oh, we totally are! We even live in the same house!"

""Gasp!"" Tenya and Ochako gasped.


"...Did you really think we're in a romantic relationship?" (Y/N) said with a blank face.

"Yeah! I mean, with all the 'Bad Things' that we do at night! I'd say that our Relationship has gone beyond that!" Miki said in a dramatic way, making Tenya and Ochako even more flushed.

"Y-y-you two did the thing...?" Ochako said while smoke is rising above her.


"G-Guys, come on! She's just messing with you two! Right, (N/N)-chan?" Izuku tried to pacifies the situation with (Y/N)'s help.

Only to see that (Y/N) is only sighing while giving himself a facepalm in reply. As if he can't refute it, which doesn't make the situation better.

"""SO YOU REALLY DID DO IT!?""" The three asked at the same time.


Despite the slip that Miki has gave, she was indeed right about one thing.

Their relationship is tighter than a romantic relationship. Even though they are not actually in any type of that Relationship.

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