Part 10: Class

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"What the fuck is going on?!"

Those words echoes within (Y/N)'s head.

These woman...with an intense and blackish amount of killing aura. Suddenly, appearing and hugging him so tight.

In fact, it was too tight!

"Urk-?!" (Y/N) flinched from the pain. Feeling as if every parts of his bones are breaking.

It's not the hug that is tight to be honestly saying. But the things that is wrapping around his body right now.

"Ah, sorry about that..." She spoke as she releases him out of her hold.

(Y/N) took a deep breath.

Oxygen...never thought he would miss the taste in just a few minutes.

A few seconds after calming down, (Y/N) glanced towards the woman in front of him.

He saw that the blue hair behind her seems to be the thing that held him in place. Then, it must be her quirk.

But...he noticed something else.

'What's this...slime?'

He noticed that his body seems as if he was covered in...slimes of sort. It was mostly traced around his torso.

This is obviously the result of this woman's Quirk...

"..." (Y/N) glares towards her suspiciously. Who is this woman? Why did she just do that? And more importantly, what did she wants from him?

"Oh come on, why are you looking at me like that? Oh, is it the blood? Let me clean it up!"

The woman lifts her left hand, a seemingly normal gesture...

...But when it suddenly splits into a multiple amounts of slimy tentacles. It's not so Normal anymore.

(Y/N) stays still, not knowing how to react. He had seen many Quirks before. Some are more terrifying than the other that he didn't even bother to absorb it.

But this one, he doesn't have the feeling of 'Fear' nor 'Disgust'. But more akin to...To anything else but those two!

The tentacles quickly swipes the area and quickly disappears, carrying even the dead bodies and the blood with it in merely seconds.

"There we go, that should do it... Should we starts talking now? (Y/N)?" She asked.

There's no doubt about it. This woman knows him.


"Who...are you?"


A sad expression surfaces to the woman's face.

" don't... remember?"

"No...Do I...Know you?"

The woman's face contorted. Not in the way to be 'Mad' or 'Disgust'. But more of a 'Disappointment' and 'Sadness'.

"I-I see...Aha, well it must've been hard for you to take in right now, huh? Haha." She said awkwardly.

"W-Well, let's talk later okay? I'll give you some time and uh, sorry about your preys, I guess. Just go home for now, alright? You got school tomorrow!"

And with that, the woman a pair of wings appears behind the woman as she proceeds to fly away.


"What do you mean by there's someone there?"

"I meant, that there's someone there! What else?"

Miki and (Y/N) was seen arguing at the Living Room.

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