Part 1: Exposed?!

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A crashing sound came to my ears, along with a wet feeling on my face.

Then, opening my eyes, I thought.

'Where am I?'

I tried standing up, but proven no effort as my whole body ached painfully.

'What' name?'

I asked myself, while digging through my memories. However, I only received a strike of painful headaches instead.

' name is-'



"(Y/N)! Wake up already!"

"Ngh? Hmph~"

"Don't 'Hmph' me! Wake up! Or should I show you the fruits of my trainings?"

"I'll wake up! I'll wake up!"

Hearing this, I immediately rises up from my bed. After all ,even though I have an immense durability, an attack to my vitals will still hurts.

Rubbing my eye from sleepiness, I yawned and saw the one who woke me from my sleep.

It was a girl with a long untied blue hair. Wearing a blue jacket and a headphone.

(A/N:I fucking love you if you know who is this

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(A/N:I fucking love you if you know who is this.)

"What is it Miki~?"

Her name is Miki Shikiyami. A girl who I am living with and a girl who I had knew for long.

"We're going to be late for school! And you just said what is it?!"

"Hnghh~fuck school..."

"(Y/N)! Don't even try to go back to sleep!"

Ah, this is my noisy. I just want to go back to sleep...



A sizzling sound resounded as I crack the egg on top of the pan and laid its inside on the hot cooking oil.

"Mmm~What are you cooking (Y/N)-Nii?"

"Eggs and toast. I guess."

"Mmm~I want bacon."

"We'll buy it after school."


Two breads appeared from a nearby toaster as I simply take it and placed it on a plate. Then, using a spatula. I flipped the fried egg that is now ready to be eaten to the plate.

"Breakfast done~!"




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