Part 6: Synthesize

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"That didn't go as planned." (Y/N), in his Black Spider of Calamity outfit, said as he uses Barrier Manipulation to block a volley of bullets.



A few peoples, dressed in kevlar armors and armed with guns started to shoot towards (Y/N).

However, the bullets were easily deflected with his Barrier Manipulation. Seeing this, (Y/N) charge towards a nearby enemy.

Nidhogg appears on his hands, as he slashes forward with his fingers acting like claws.

The man's throat was sliced open and blood started to flow. But before he could fell, Nidhogg swallowed him whole instantly.

[You Gained Superhuman Senses]

After the upgrade, not only does the power of Nidhogg increases. (Y/N) had also been able to control more fluidly.

As a result, he was able to absorbs a person in an instant. In comparison, before the upgrade, he needs to wait for at least 5 seconds to absorbs a person.

As such his efficiency was increased by a large margin.

"Guark!?" Another person was absorbed by his Nidhogg.

[You Gained Superhuman Strength]

'Man, these guys got some advanced quirks.' (Y/N) thought to himself.

Usually minions would have a terrible quirk or weak quirk. Which is why they were just minions in the first place.

The fact that most of them here have a Body-Enhancing Quirk made (Y/N) questions if he's really raiding a villain.

Then again, it's not as if the target this time was your average villain Joe.


A sniper bullets passed by the barrier that (Y/N) created. Shooting all the way through his shoulder and making a big hole on it.

"I got him! Hah! Guess he's not a big of a deal after all!" (Y/N) heard with his newly gained, Superhuman Senses.

He smirked and created a small pike with his Nidhogg and throwing it onto the sniper.


The pike swiftly cuts the air and stabs the sniper in his heart. Before being absorbed by Nidhogg.

[You gained Microscopic Vision.]

The wounds on his shoulder started to mend itself in an obvious rate. But it would still be a tad bit too long to heal. So (Y/N) covered it with his Shadows for now.

"Prepare the rockets!"

The peoples in the armored outfit suddenly took out a long pipe from an armory box. Aiming it towards (Y/N) as it spat a rocket.

With his Hyper Awareness, (Y/N) was able to perceived the the rocket. He quickly jumped up, using String Manipulation to tie the rocket and threw it back to them.

"SHIT!" One of them cursed.


(Y/N) didn't throw the rocket directly at them. As he didn't want them to literally obliterates.

It will be hard to to use Nidhogg and absorbs them later if he do.

(Y/N) formed his hand into a sword as he stabbed into a nearby enemy's chest.

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