Part 5: Upgrade

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For the next day, (Y/N) decided to start training with his quirks.

Getting a new quirk was tempting, and it was the most fastest way for him to get stronger.

However, just because a person had a sword. Doesn't mean that he's a swordman.

He also needs to trains using the quirk. If he didn't, then the quirk would become even weaker than the original.

"Let's see..." (Y/N) mutters as he looked into his new lists of quirks.


Arachnid Physique(Spider Mimicry)
•Light and Dark Manipulation(Photo-Umbra Kinesis)
•Blade Creation(Blade Construct)
•Stone Creation(Stone Projection)
•Fire Creation(Fire Projection)
•Barrier Manipulation(Force Field Manipulation)
•Smoke Manipulation(Typhokinesis)
•Healing Factor(Type 4)
•Sharp Limbs
•String Manipulation
•Psychic Immunity
•Clothes Creation(Clothes Generation)
•Superhuman Durability
Chameleonic Nature
•Superhuman Athleticism
•Life Detection(Life-Force Detection)
Hyper Awareness(Omni-directional Senses)
•Double Hit
•Maximum Muscle Usage
•Flame Infusion(Flame slash)

More than 20 Quirks have been accumulated. Would you like to upgrade? Y/N

(A/N: Some of the quirks was renamed for a more appropriate reading. Which is the reason for the () next to the names.)

The description underneath shocked him.

'Upgrade the the system? I can do that?' He thought.

Then, he nods and another screen appeared.


Please input 5 quirks for upgrade.

Warning: Upgrading will leads to the quirk being erased.

(Y/N) hesitated for a second. But then with a gritted teeth he choose five quirks from the list.

The quirks he had chosen were Blade Creation, Stone Creation, Fire Creation, Maximum Muscle Usage and Clothes Creation.

These five are the quirks that he doesn't really need anymore.

Stone and Fire Creation was something he had never used. He doesn't need Blade Creation anymore with Sharp Limbs and even if he was in need of a weapon, he could just make one with Light and Dark Manipulation.

Maximum Muscle Usage was also useless to him. The quirk allows him to use 100% of his muscle fiber, whereas a normal human could only use around 20% to 30%.

However, there is no way something like this could be stronger than his Arachnid Physique.

'I might regret this aren't I?' (Y/N) thought as he confirms.


Upgrade confirms.

Please Wait...

Time till finish: 06H 00M 00S


'There's even a waiting time, now?' He thought and sighed.

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