Part 7: Exam

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(Y/N) founds that Sixth Sense is not really what he think it is.

It doesn't allows him to see ghosts. At least it doesn't only do that.

Seemingly the ability gave him the complete information of everything around him.

Like, how far is his target, how many enemies are there. And even the most miniscules details like the vibrations in the air.

Simply said, this ability was simply a cheat.

The few months later, (Y/N) was trying his best in getting used to his new quirk.

As such the exam finally comes into place.


"Izuku!" (Y/N) greeted the boy with green hair, with Miki running besides him.

"Ah, (N/N)! Miki-san! You're here!" Izuku smiled as he sees the two.

The three was currently facing the gate of the U.A Academy. (Y/N) have to admit. The building looks better in the real eyes.

While (Y/N) and Miki was walking in casually. Izuku, on the other hand. Was nervously shaking in his boots.

His whole body is stiff as he remembers what happened before he came.


"Eat this!"


"I swallowed his hair...but did U really receive his power?" Izuku whispered silently so no one could hear him.

"Outta my way, Deku!"

"Ah, K-kacchan! Let's try o-our best al..."

Suddenly, Bakugo said from behind him. Izuku turned around to try to greet him. But as always, the Pineapple Head just passes right by him without care.

"Don't stand in front of me or I'll kill you." He left those words as he continue walking with his usual murderous eyes.

Seeing the act of the explosion boy. Miki sighed.

"Jeez, that guy. Did someone put a pipe in his ass or something? Why did he always have to be such an ass!" She complained.

On the other hand, the crowd goes excited as they saw the spiky haired boy.

"H-Hey, isn't that Bakugo? The one with the sludge villain?"

"Oh man! Is that the real thing?!"

Hearing these words, (Y/N) inwardly smirks.

'If they act like that towards a guy who got caught by a villain. Then, I wonder how would they react when they knew they realized that one of the strongest vigilante is here?' He thought.

Obviously, he wouldn't reveal that he was 'The Black Spider of Calamity' far from now. Instead, he takes it as a note to definitely not reveal his identity, and definitely not in school.

He was confident in his abilities. But he can't say that he will be safe against the Top Heroes in this school.

Meanwhile, Izuku was thinking of something else.

'Ever since that day, Kacchan hasn't done anything to me anymore...'

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go, Izuku!" Miki shouted to the greenette.

'...Right, I am different than before. I have to remember the training that I did with (Y/N) and All Might!'

Izuku took a deep breathe and step with his right leg.

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