Prologue: Black Spider Of Calamity

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It was a beautiful night in the city of Musutafu, Japan. The street lights are shining and the silence of the night were mixed in with the beauty of glowing stars in the sky.

And the one who is viewing these stars are a boy, with jet black eyes and (H/C) hair. And right now he is currently on top of an abandoned and shady building.

He is currently admiring the night's sky. But was suddenly interrupted by the sound from an engine of a various cars.

"How noisy..."

He complained, despite his voice was quite monotone, the words was spewed like he is despising them.

The car doors opened and several people wearing suits comes out from them.

Judging by their outfit, it seems to be not wrong to assume that these guys are a groups of Yakuzas.

One of them, who the boy presumed as their boss, basing by how high and mighty he acts, and his huge belly, was lighting a pipe with a match. He then asks his subordinate.

"You sure this is the place?"

"I'm very sure sir. Our intelligence informed us."

"Is this, Intelligence, of yours trustworthy?"

"We sure, sir! There is no reason for them to betray us! Plus 'they' are just a little girl who wasn't even in highschool."

"Hmm~well, whatever. If this info of us was wrong then just throw that girl into the brothel."

"Yes, sir."

The leader nodded as they entered the building where the boy was on top of.

"2, 4 , 6, 8...Hmm, there's around 20 of them..."

The mentioned boy said. He then turned towards the door to downstairs and licked his lip before saying.

"I wonder how many can I get?"


"Damn! It's fucking dark in here! Where the hell is the light switch?!"

"The place was abandoned. So the electricity was off."

"Tch, if we didn't find anything here. I swear I'm gonna force fuck a horse's dick to this intel's ass."

Inside the building was dark and no signs of light was present at all.

Then, suddenly. The entrance door was slammed shut.

"Shit, what the-"


A Yakuza member said but his head was rolling on the ground before he could finishes.



A sound of stabbing resounded as another Yakuza member fell to the ground.

"MIKAMI! SATORU! Shit, everyone regroup and form a circle!"

"Yes, sir!"

The group of people grouped up in a form of a circle. The leader was standing in the middle of them and his subordinate that he talked to earlier seems to be calm, showing that he might be the squad leader of the group.

"Hibari, use your quirk!"

"Yes, sir!"

The nearby Yakuza member named Hibari nodded and his body suddenly lighted up.

While his quirk was useless in battle, in a situation like this it is their greatest advantage.

The 18 people, while they didn't found anything, waited in case of another attack.

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