Chapter 1

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It was a sunny summer day outside. the sun was beaming down, nearly baking anything in sight.

A teenage boy with black hair, wearing a white hoodie and black jeans, ran down the sidewalk, his backpack slung over one of his shoulders as he pondered over how he managed to oversleep today.

He was usually always on time for school. Especially considering that he usually drove there. But that wasn't the case today, since he let his older sister borrow his car for the day.

His first mistake.

He slowed his pace slightly when he neared the entrance to his school.

Entering the building, he jogged through the hallways, pushing past random students as he dished out more 'excuse me's than he could count.

He checked his wrist watch as he approached the door to the classroom.

Exactly ten minutes behind schedule.

He pushed the classroom door open, it nearly flying off of its hinges.

"I'm here! I'm here!" he shouted, slightly out of breath.

His second mistake.

Everyone instantly looked over at him and he felt his cheeks heating up in embarrassment.

"Ah, Mr. Smith. So nice of you to finally join us." his teacher, Miss Landez said, addressing him by his last name as she always did when she was upset with him.

"Um sorry I'm late, Miss Landez." he awkwardly apologized, gripping the strap of his backpack as he tried to ignore the whispers of his classmates.

Miss Landez sighed "That's alright, Ryan. You may take your seat now." she replied.

Ryan nodded and smiled weakly as he made his way over to his seat, keeping his eyes on the floor the whole time.

Just then, a teenage girl entered the classroom, grasping the straps of her backpack tightly as she seemed nervous.

Her long dark brown hair was in natural curls, cascading gracefully down her shoulders, and she was wearing a grey crop top/hoodie and blue jeans.

"Sorry, I'm late, Miss Landez. I would've been here on time, but I overslept since my alarm clock broke. Then I-" the girl rambled her apology, which Miss Landez swiftly interrupted.

"It's not a problem, Addy. You may take your seat now." she kindly said.

Addy nodded before walking over to her seat, expertly avoiding everyone's line of sight as she stared determinedly at the floor.

She sat next to Ryan (since that was literally the only free seat, and somehow, always where she ended up sitting).

"Teacher's pet." Ryan mumbled to Addy. She had arrived even later than him, yet the teacher didn't seem mad at her at all. Whereas Ryan was sure that he was gonna hear a 'May I have a word with you, Mr. Smith?' after class was over.

Addy merely rolled her eyes, not wanting to get into another whisper fight with him, like they usually did.

Addy had been frienimies with Ryan since they were very little. And considering that they lived next to each other, they had to deal with each other's antics nearly everyday.

As Miss Landez then started into a long dialogue about some boring history subject, nearly lulling the class to sleep, Ryan tried his hardest to stay awake, his eyelids becoming quite heavy as he unintentionally tuned out his teacher.

Next thing he knew, he was being woken up by the bell ringing loudly, signaling that class was over.

He got up out of his seat, and began to leave the classroom, following the rush of students in front of him.

Ryan released a breath that he didn't realize he was holding when he made it out of the room without the teacher calling him.


The rest of the classes that day pretty much went uneventfully, until it was finally time for Ryan and Addy to go to practice for their school dance team, by far their favorite class.

Ryan and Addy walked side by side to through the hallways, only because they were both headed the same way.

"Hey, how come Miss Landez went so easy on you? You were even later to school than I was!" Ryan couldn't help but say to Addy as the two of them walked the halls.

"Oh shut it, she probably went easy on you too." Addy reacted.

"Uh no she didn't." Ryan pointed out.

"And that's my fault somehow?" Addy questioned in annoyance.

"It's not fair! You're such a teacher's pet." Ryan stated, crossing his arms.

"Says the guy who's always on time for school, and always has his homework done on time." Addy countered, referring to Ryan's good grades and near perfect attendance record, excluding today of course. Even though Addy was pretty much a teacher's pet too, she didn't like to admit it.

"Oh please. I-" Ryan didn't have time to think of a comeback since they had already arrived at the dance classroom.

Once Addy and Ryan walked into the dance class room, they were greeted by Addy's best friends, Jillian and Natalie, and Ryan's best friends, Josh and Kevin.

"Hey, guys! You two ready to practice?" Jillian said once Ryan and Addy walked into the dance class room.

"Yup!" Addy replied, going to hug her friends.

Dance practice was the only class where Addy got to see Jillian and Natalie, aside from chemistry class, so Addy was always excited for dance class.

"We're practicing the same routine from yesterday, right?" Ryan inquired.

"Yes we are." Their dance teacher, Miss Gonzalez replied.

"Alright, Addy, Ryan, I want you guys closer to the front for this one." Miss Gonzalez instructed them with a smile. Addy and Ryan were the best dancers on the team, but they were pretty modest about it.

"Um ok." Addy reacted with an awkward smile, as Ryan mirrored her expression.

"Oh, and I also want there to be like a solo for you two this time." Miss Gonzalez added. "Since you two have such great chemistry."

"Um Ryan and I have anything but chemistry." Addy scoffed, waving her hand between her and Ryan.

Ryan rolled his eyes, deciding on not even saying anything.

"Mm hmm. I still want the solo. So let's get practicing." Gonzalez reacted.

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