Chapter 1: Serve me my favorite cupcake!

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After two years

Cassandra POV

"Scarlet wakes up. Your alarm keeps screaming for your name. Didn't you hear that?" I knocked on her door a few times but still no response. Her alarm intruded on my peacefulness this morning but as always, she doesn't aware of that.

I look at the clock and it pointed at number 9. I smirked as I knew she will scream soon once she realized that she was late for work and I silently counting for the time outside her room.

"Five, four, three, two, one," and right at that moment, I heard her screaming voice echoed the whole room.

"Oh, my goodness, I'm late again!"

"Yes, and good morning to you too, Scarlet!" I greeted her mockingly outside the room and laughed at her morning habit that never changed.

"Don't laugh, Cassandra. Why on earth this happens every morning? Why did God always make me wake up late every morning? Why grandpa? Why?" She opened the bedroom door and mumbled while looking above, as if she was talking to someone in the sky, to the sun to be exact. I know that was weird but that was her habit, she loves to communicate with the sun and even named it grandpa. How weird is that?

She grabbed the towel and dashed to the bathroom.

"I wish I could change this habit and wake up early like you, energetic till night." She shouted from the bathroom.

"You will never change that habit. Luckily, you are the owner of the cafe. If you are working for someone else, I can't imagine how many times you got fired because of your lateness." I sat on her bed while waiting for her to get ready.

A moment later, she came out with a towel covering her body and one small towel wrapped her long-wet hair. She literally ran to the wardrobe and flipping the clothes inside before pulling out one light blue blouse and dark blue jeans. I watched her clumsy movement in the room while rested my body towards the headboard.

"Take your time, babe. I'm having the time to relax here." I teased her while she got my full attention.

"You are not helping, Cassandra!" She scolded and thrown the wet towel at me. I laughed due to her sudden attack.

"I knocked on your door like hundred times and you are saying that I'm not helping." I defended myself. She quickly dries her hair with the hairdryer and put some color on her face with light makeup.

"Done, it's time to run." She said, giggling. That was the reason I always wear my sneaker every time I decided to accompany her to the cafe. The cafe was 10 minutes walking distance from our apartment, and we always run to the cafe due to her bad morning routine. Luckily, she hired workers to open the cafe every morning. If not, I'm wondering at what time the cafe will be available for customers.

After a short marathon on the way to the cafe, we were both out of our breath. We chuckled as soon as we reached the cafe as we were competing who will arrive first and the winner can make any demands."

"As always, I won. Serve me my favorite cupcake." I said giggling while trying to stable my breath.

"Argh, why are you good at everything? I can't ever beat you once." She complained while padded to the kitchen. Not many customers at the time we arrived. Only a few tables were occupied.

"Morning ladies," Michael, the part-timer that worked as the cafe greeted us. We answered him in unison.

"I will be at my favorite spot," I said while heading to the second floor. I prefer to sit on the second floor which was an open space on the rooftop. I love to feel the wind and the sun on my skin rather than sitting in a room with air conditioning all the time. It suffocated me.

"Roger, lady boss. Your favorite cupcake will be served soon." She said playfully. We laughed at the same time afterward. Michael just shook his head looking at both of us. He worked here for quite some time and gets used to our childish joke.

The rooftop was empty and no customer was there yet. I sat on my favorite spot which the beautiful view of the city can be seen clearly. I was rummaging through my bag and take out my writing tools from my bag and carefully arranged it on the table.

The weather was nice today. It was not too hot and not too cold. I make my dark hair in a bun and put on my glasses and ready to brainstorming for my book.

"Knock, knock." Scarlet approached. A tray filled with my favorite cupcakes and two cups of a hot drink on her hands.

"Yummy!" I yelped, satisfied with the view in front of me. She placed the tray on the table and takes a seat across me.

"It's not like you never taste my cupcake and it's your recipe anyway." She remarked.

"It's not the same. Yours taste better. You know how much I love your cupcake, more than how much I love you, babe." I joked which caused her to roll her eyes.

"That's so mean." She said while taking a sip of her caramel coffee, her most favorite drink in the universe. I chuckled at her reaction.

"Tell me, how is the progress of your book," she chided while munching on the cupcake.

"All is well. I just need to finish the last few chapters before sending it to the editor. Hopefully, I will get good feedback about this." I said with hope. I started to get involved in writing as a hobby but it turned out to be my passion when I was hired as a writer. It became my permanent job until now.

"It will, babe. I have trust in you." She said with so much confidence. I loved her for always being there when I need support. I don't have any family members, and she is the only family and friend that I have. If people ask me how much I love her, I will say to the extent which I will sacrifice my life for her, in case I need to.


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