SHADOWED  by PreciousGundo1
SHADOWED by Gundo Maano
"I want to have you scream my name to the heavens as I thrust into you." he elaborates, causing me to shut my legs. "I-" I stop, not knowing how to r...
  • regret
  • sexualtension
  • romance
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The Italian's secret Love Child by nadinejoubie
The Italian's secret Love Childby nadinejoubie
Italian billionaire was ruthless and unforgiving he never knew what it meant to love a woman. That is after he met Rose Olsen the women with the sharp tongue and the onl...
  • love
  • personalassistant
  • pregnancy
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The Personal Assistant. by Idecidemyownfate
The Personal Annemarie
"James McGregor, CEO of McGregor industries, has passed away yesterday evening after a long battle with cancer. James McGregor, aged 63, was one of the-" Eliza...
  • romance
  • personal
  • billionaire
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My Boss Is A Vampire? || UNDER MAJOR EDITING  by tavanalee
My Boss Is A Vampire? || UNDER Tavana Whamond
《 Highest Ranking: #1 in Vampire 》 《 Highest Ranking: #23 in Romance 》 " You do not want to piss me off" he replied, his voice dropping a couple of octaves. ...
  • bite
  • romance
  • teenfiction
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Personal Assistant - Male x Male - *COMPLETED* by EliTheEgg
Personal Assistant - Male x Eli
"Hello. My name is Serene Ochoa. I would more than like to be your personal assistant. I earned my Masters degree in literature and-" "Did you read the re...
  • fiction
  • gay
  • read
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Assistant To Mr.Arrogant by Bluey0425
Assistant To Mr.Arrogantby Bluey0425
Ace Emerson is the most hot, sexy, and arrogant playboy in New York. He is ruthless when it comes to business and women. He has gone through women like clothes. Violet...
  • fakemarriage
  • romance
  • arrogant
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Tormented by anonymousteengirlxo
Tormentedby Nana
"What the hell are you doing?" I asked as he slowly stepped closer to me. "Taking what's mine." He stated looking directly into my eyes as he took an...
  • fiction
  • protective
  • tormented
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Amarmi O Odiarmi (Love me or hate me) by Bella_En
Amarmi O Odiarmi (Love me or Ennyola
"How does it feel to be betrayed constantly by those you thought to love you? How does it feel for your heart to be locked without a key? How does it feel to live i...
  • possessive
  • love
  • hate
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Loving Vitale by Xx_DollFace_xX
Loving Vitaleby Doll Face
Roxanne isn't your typical beautiful good girl. She's been living on her own for five years after fleeing a life of abuse. She's been struggling to get by. Now desperate...
  • italian
  • maturethemes
  • assistant
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Devil As a BOSS!! by shortcake243
Devil As a BOSS!!by shortcake243
Mia White Paris a sweet,simple,beautiful,bubbly, 24 years old girl. She is beautiful with her tanned skin and 5'5 height. she is searching for a job. Least she knows th...
  • ceo
  • boss
  • romance
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His Personal Assistant  by AngelaAnderson_
His Personal Assistant by Angela Anderson
"You have a smart mouth." "I've been told,so can I get the job now?" I'm that bold or blunt,whatever you call it. * Olivia Jordan Intelligent and go...
  • personalassistant
  • assistant
  • boss
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Fall Of Dark Ghost #Wattys 2018# by sweetcomfort11
Fall Of Dark Ghost #Wattys 2018#by Aina Comfort
FIND WHAT YOU LOVE AND LET IT KILL YOU. After the storm. There would be silence. The silence came. But it was not a peaceful one. Fall of dark ghost. A fight for life an...
  • tta2018
  • twins
  • mafia
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NOVA (BWWM) by chynadoll_xo
NOVA (BWWM)by chynadoll_xo
Straight from Alabama, Nova moves to New York to become a strong and successful businesswoman by climbing the corporate ladder as a intern first but what happened's when...
  • bdsmrelationship
  • bwwm
  • personalassistant
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Arrogant Bastard by 333_Daydreamer_333
Arrogant Bastardby Sadiya
"Why were you crying?" He asked with a deep husky voice. It was not the usual stern and cold voice. "N-nothing. I washed my face so some water remained...
  • pastelawards2k18
  • liliam
  • poor
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New York Loving by Lexie-lou7
New York Lovingby Lexie-Lou
Mature Read‼️ 🔆 2nd #richguy 17/9/18 🔆 5th #personalassistant 21/6/18 🔆 10th Assistant 26/7/18 16+ - Bella and her best friend are drunk and jobless, What does this l...
  • personal
  • officeromance
  • love
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His Wife  by StarsAndFireflies_
His Wife by Heer
Just like fairy tales, Manik and Nandini have everything perfect in their life when they get into a relationship. But is being in a relationship everything? There are hu...
  • ceo
  • lovestory
  • mukti
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The Boss's Dominant Desire by Made1ineHatter
The Boss's Dominant Desireby Made1ineHatter
WARNING! This is for mature audiences. Foul language, sex scenes, and self harm are included. Ellie is fresh out of both highschool and college, having completed both at...
  • baby
  • wattys2018
  • teacher
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Personal Assistant: Limited Edition[MXM]✔ by XPerfectDistraction
Personal Assistant: Limited Dante Cullen
[COMPLETE] Hi. My name is Sebastian Adler and I'm a personal assistant. I have a habit of saying my last name unnecessarily. Let's do this again. My name is Sebastian a...
  • quirky
  • limitededition
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Violet Lee X Reader Mr.Excellent. by JinWayne
Violet Lee X Reader LucasKazama
Hi! This is my first novel! I'm excited about it. Actually I'm a fan of Jin Kazama but the idea to write about Violet continues to appear when reading other novels. Besi...
  • violet
  • jinkazama
  • personalassistant
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