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Repulsion by UniqueNImperfect
Repulsionby UniqueNImperfect
If unlikes attract, then likes should repel too. Or is REPULSION just an illusion. An illusion so real, that it makes the unlikeness visible. Too visible that the lik...
Crush To Boss. ✓ [Editing] by brownmudpie
Crush To Boss. ✓ [Editing]by whiplash
"Take it." He mumbled. I obeyed him. His lips were at one end while mine at the other. I felt the heat surround us. He slowly bit the stick leaning closer. I p...
Forever And Ever {First book in the series of Eternal Love} by lei_il_diavolo
Forever And Ever {First book in Simran M.
"Mine. Mine forever and ever." Ryan's minty breath fanned over her neck softly, making a shiver run down her spine. "Yours. Yours forever and ever."...
My Blackmailing Billionaire by 1n1mik1
My Blackmailing Billionaireby Anamika
"Do this!" He said angrily. I couldn't hold my tears back anymore and I couldn't speak. I nodded my head implying no. "This is not a question or a reques...
The Personal Assistant. by Idecidemyownfate
The Personal Annemarie
"James McGregor, CEO of McGregor industries, has passed away yesterday evening after a long battle with cancer. James McGregor, aged 63, was one of the-" Eliza...
Find yourself by diranosahara
Find yourselfby Sahar Dirani
A 21- years old average, innocent, beautiful, shy girl who works at a men wear shop. The son of the CEO and known as the mean, ruthless, arrogant billionaires son. The...
Serendipity by shut_theduck
Serendipityby shut_theduck
Previously known as - Us Feyre - A silent and calm girl living alone in a small apartment. As an orphan she faced many difficulties and wasn't blessed with a normal life...
Soulmate by MNSAVBSM23
Soulmateby Ice_Queen
Anubhav (Whispered): Stay away Haseena.... I'm just like this fire.... I'll burn you..... Haseena (Whispered): You already are.... ********** He is Ruthless, He is arrog...
marry me // jjk by jichutea
marry me // jjkby debiin
another jungkook fanfiction
His Wife ✔️ by StarsAndFireflies_
His Wife ✔️by Heer
Just like fairy tales, Manik and Nandini have everything perfect in their life when they get into a relationship. But is being in a relationship everything? There are hu...
Besabriyaan by somewhere_urs
Besabriyaanby ||Rai||
Touching our favourite superstar is a far fetched dream but what if one day you actually get to touch the star of your dreams but that rather than being your blessing tu...
Vegaspette fanfic CEO and His Personal Assistant (short story) by vegaspette
Vegaspette fanfic CEO and His Sree💞
Pete, chubby and energetic teenager who give positive vibes and happy to all the people around him Vegas the CEO of big company in Thailand who is cold nature many afrai...
Ishq Deewangi by thewittytales
Ishq Deewangiby thewittytales
Ishani Sharma, a 21 year old sweet soul. A middle class girl and just graduated student. Only child of supportive and caring parents. A small loving and sweet family. * ...
CHESS by Koko_book-010
CHESSby Koko_book-010
Love and Obsession are two different things.
Collateral Damage by rhxpsodicxlly
Collateral Damageby ***x***
Nothing in Genevieve Nolan's life is going her way. She was supposed to get married in a week but that was before she caught her fiancé cheating on her. Now she has no p...
Checkmate - [F1 - Pierre Gasly / Lance Stroll] by AnnaRainF1
Checkmate - [F1 - Pierre Gasly / Anna Rain
Fresh out of college, Rose has no job prospects, has moved home with her Dad, and is desperate for any job to get her dad off her back. Will a mysterious job opportunity...
 LAURA by ikilima343
LAURAby ikilima343
Follow the story of Laura who is about to be forced into marriage to a criminal by her father after the death of her mentally ill mother With the help of her grandmothe...
Vigilante - Good or Evil ?  by agstnvq
Vigilante - Good or Evil ? by 𝐇𝐚𝐧-𝐬𝐞𝐨
───×─── Ji Yong, personal assistant to the great Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, lost her mother at the hands of a local gangster when she was young; she becomes a vigilan...
BAATEIN KUCH AANKAHI SI🤍✨ by authorsanvee
BAATEIN KUCH AANKAHI SI🤍✨by authorsanvee
Does true love ever exist? yes... or maybe no...! maybe an attraction.... ... step into the story of Our one and only cutest "Mr Raval" and his wife.. what hap...
HORIZON |+18| by jasminkssss
♡♡♡♡ "Did you really do that for me?" I whimpered as the blood gushed from my leg and tears brimmed my eyes. My eyes wandered over to the battered and bruised...