Chapter 19 - Saturday, Please Stay

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I wake on the last Saturday at camp with a cloud of gloom hanging over my head. This week has been excellent. I can't wait to go home and become a proper band with the guys, but there's no denying that it's going to suck to not see Ashley every day.

Gabriel's still sleeping, so I take my things to the shower and get ready for the day. Ashley and I are planning to spend as much of today together as we can. As I'm walking back to the cabin, I get an idea. I grab my backpack and some money and rush to the vending machine that's near the food hall. I buy a bunch of snacks from it.

My parents gave me some money to spend at camp, but I haven't had to buy anything, so I spend it all on this. I get packets of chips, chocolate bars, and candy. I also buy four bottles of water. I shove my haul into my backpack and take it with me to the cabin.

Gabriel's awake and dressed, ready for breakfast when I walk in. "Hey, dude. What are you doing?"

"I'm going to take Ashley on a picnic for lunch," I grin at him.

"Cool. I'm sure she'll like that." He smiles at me.

I dump my backpack on my bed, then follow him as we make our way toward the food hall. I get a tray of food and sit at one of the tables next to Gabriel. It's not long before Harrison joins us. I'm looking around for Ashley, but I don't see her anywhere, which is a shame.

"Are you guys nervous about tomorrow?" Harrison asks us.

"Kind of, but not really," I shrug at him.

We've been practicing all week, and the song sounds fantastic. I could even play the guitar solo in my sleep, I think.

"Yeah, a little bit." Gabriel gives him a kind smile. "You worried?"

"I guess I am. I think it'll be good. I was texting Heather earlier about how nervous I am, and she's been telling me to chill." He gives us a chagrined smile.

Gabriel gives me a cheeky smile, then says, "What a nice girlfriend you've got."

"She's not my girlfriend," Harrison groans at us.

Gabriel and I burst into laughter as Hayden walks into the food hall holding Samantha's hand. My eyebrows raise at the sight of them, while Tiffany and Ashley walk in behind them. Ashley waves at me and I wave back before they line up for food.

"Well, that's an interesting development," I smirk at my friends.

"That's for sure. She's from Chicago, isn't she?" Gabriel asks.

I shrug and say, "Who knows. Why can't my girlfriend be the one from Chicago, though?"

The other group gets their food and comes over to join us. Ashley kisses my cheek before sitting down next to me.

"Hey, Seb. Are we going to have fun today?" She smiles at me, and it looks forced, I can see the sadness hiding in her expression.

"Yeah, we're going to have the most fun day ever," I smile back encouragingly.

"Oh sweet jesus," Harrison gasps from across the table in a tone that can only be described as horror, while he stares down at the phone in his hand.

"What's wrong?" Hayden asks in alarm.

"Heather's coming here tomorrow." He looks directly at me and screws his face up.

"Yes!" I exclaim with delight and smirk at him. "I can't wait to meet her."

Gabriel chuckles, "I bet. We all can't wait to meet Harrison's girlfriend."

"No. See? That? That is why I don't want her to come." Harrison rolls his eyes.

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