Chapter 13 - Either Way, Someone Was Punched

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When I get back to our table, I sit on the opposite side to where I was before, so there's an empty seat for Ashley to sit next to me. After a few minutes, Gabriel comes to our table and sits where I was before, between Harrison and Hayden.

"Hey, Gabriel. How are you this morning?" Hayden asks, and I see Harrison shoot me a look when he does.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Gabriel tells him, looking down at his food and still sounding a bit annoyed. "What about you?"

"I'm good, can't wait to work on the song."

Gabriel perks up and says, "Yeah, it's going to be awesome."

They start talking about the song, and I look over to watch Ashley as she walks to our table with her friends. She's smiling and looks so cute; I'm excited that she'll be able to sit next to me, now.

"Want to hang out today?" Ashley asks me when she sits down.

"Sure. We're working on the song this morning, but whenever we're finished, I'm all yours." I smile at her.

"I look forward to it," she says.

"How's your performance going?" I ask her.

"Good. Doing a song that already exists is a lot easier than writing a brand new song, that's for sure."

"Do you write music at all?" I ask.

Ashley shakes her head. "No, I never have. I haven't even really tried. Have you written many songs?"

I'm surprised. I just thought that every person had songs running through their head all the time. I'll see a picture or read something and want to write a song about it.

I've also always known that if I ever want to be successful in the music industry, I really need to be able to write my own music. I'm not interested in being in one of those manufactured bands that have all their songs written for them, either.

"Yeah, a few. I'm not great at lyrics unless I'm really inspired." Ashley nods along as I'm speaking, and I grin at her. "I'm definitely thinking that I should write a song about a brown-eyed girl, who looks like an angel that's visiting Earth to brighten my summer, though."

Ashley turns pink, and I'm satisfied that my flirting game is strong. I can't wait to make out with her later.

"You've definitely made my time at camp more enjoyable, Seb. I really like you a lot."

"I'm glad because you're basically my dream girl. Hot, fun, and into music. You're way better than my last girlfriend." I grin at her.

"I haven't really had a boyfriend before you, but if I had, I bet you'd be better than him," she tells me while laughing.

"Well, obviously. I'm better than most people," I confirm with a smirk on my face.

"And so very humble, Sebastian," Harrison says.

"It's rude to eavesdrop on other people's conversations, you know!" I tell him and pretend to be outraged.

Harrison laughs. "Well, brag a little quieter if you don't want the rest of us to join in your conversation."

"Hey, if you guys are practicing today, can I hear your song?" Ashley asks.

I look at Harrison. "I'm not sure. It's not really ready yet. Maybe if we get enough done, today, we could show you tomorrow?"

"I think you're right. It'll probably be good for tomorrow. You can give us feedback, Ash." Harrison smiles at her.

"Sounds awesome, I can't wait," Ashley says.

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