Chapter 15 - All Day We Talk About Gabriel

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We walk hand in hand down toward the lake. The sun is shining, and there's a nice, cool breeze. There's a lot of people around now, and everyone seems to be enjoying their weekend. We meet Jeff when we're about halfway between the cabin and the lake.

"Oh. Hi, Sebastian. I've been looking for you."

"Really? How come?" I ask as though I didn't literally hear him have a conversation with Gabriel about this less than ten minutes ago.

"The instructor for your private afternoon lesson is sick, so we're moving your lesson to Monday."

If I'm being honest, I actually had no clue I even had a private lesson this afternoon. I should probably look at that schedule, sometime, because I would've been bummed to miss it.

"Okay, cool, thanks for letting me know."

He smiles and waves as he walks away from us, and I can't stop myself from laughing.

"We owe Gabriel big time," Ashley says.

I stop laughing as I look at her and frown. "Yeah, I know. I can't believe he did that for us, for a second, I thought he was going to throw me under the bus."

"He's not as bad as you seem to think." Ashley shrugs. "Like, I got it at first, because he seemed like a total suck-up, but he's been really cool this week."

She's only voicing what I've been thinking if I'm being honest with myself. I'd had these ideas about Gabriel based on what I knew about him from school. I've spent years hating him from afar and never really had anything to do with him to find out if he's any different from what I thought.

I have to admit that he's an excellent musician and I've enjoyed working with him, something that I definitely didn't want when it first happened. Now, he's gone and covered my ass when he really didn't have to. Hell, if I'd bothered to look at the schedule, I might've even had some clue that Jeff might come looking for me.

"I'll thank him later, I guess." I shrug. "Are we going to spend all day talking about Gabriel Knight?"

Ashley laughs. "We don't have to."

We continue on toward the lake, but I'm still thinking about Gabriel. It's those damn lyrics, again. I really want to talk to him about them, put music to them, see if we can write another song that's as good as the first one.

That's so stupid, though. Just because he covered for me doesn't mean that I want him in my band, or that he'd even want to be in it if I asked him.

"Hey, look, there are Tiffany and Samantha."

Ashley's words bring me back to where we are. We've made our way into the big clearing where the lake is, and I can see her friends sitting together in the shade of a big tree. Ashley calls out and waves to her friends as we walk over to them.

"Hi, guys. How's it going?" I ask them.

"Not bad. What about you?" Samantha asks, smiling up at me.

"We almost got caught making out by Jeff," Ashley groans.

We sit down in the shade with them, and I keep hold of Ashley's hand as we do, laughing at her friends' shocked faces.

"Are you serious?" Tiffany gasps.

"Deadly," I respond. "Luckily, Gabriel stopped him from finding us."

"Did he?" Tiffany looks interested to hear this, and I roll my eyes at how into him she is. "What happened?"

Ashley cringes and blushes. "We were making out in their cabin, and Gabriel walked in on us."

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