Chapter 16 - Working Together

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We're walking toward the exit of the food hall when Gabriel and Hayden walk in the door and go to line up. Harrison nudges me and points them out to me.

"I know. I saw. I'll talk to him later, okay?"

Harrison nods. "Okay."

We head outside and slowly make our way toward the cabins. Ashley grabs my hand and pulls me aside.

"I'm going to hang out with Tiffany and Samantha. I'll see you tomorrow at breakfast?"

"Sure," I smile at her.

"Then, you guys will play us your song afterward?" she asks me.

"Absolutely." I grin at her, then kiss her.

We've only been kissing for about five seconds when Tiffany says, "Hi, Jeff!"

Ashley and I spring apart and spin around to look for him while the other three burst into laughter.

"Holy shit, you should've seen your faces," Harrison grins.

I glare at Tiffany. "That wasn't funny!"

"Uh, yeah, it was." She's still laughing when she says, "Come on, Ash, let's go."

"Bye, Seb," Ashley smiles at me and then walks off with her friends.

Harrison comes to stand next to me as we watch them walk away. He's still laughing to himself about Tiffany's joke, and I elbow him in the ribs.

"Shut up, dude."

We continue to walk toward the cabins, and I'm getting nervous about asking Gabriel to be in the band. I feel like he'll say no because I've been such a dick to him. At the same time, I know that it has to be me that asks. If Harrison does it, he'll think that I don't really want him in the band.

"Are you going to ask Gabriel tonight?"

"Yeah, probably," I reply.

Harrison nods. "Want me to be with you when you ask?"

"I'm not a little kid; I can ask someone to be in my band. I asked you, didn't I?" I grin at him.

"Yeah, but I know you two haven't had the best time this week." Harrison shrugs.

"True. I won't lie, I don't know for sure that he won't just tell me to get stuffed."

"Well, you won't know if you don't ask."

We've reached the point where Harrison needs to walk in another direction to get to his cabin, and we stop for a second to face each other.

"I guess I'll find out tomorrow how it goes," Harrison smiles at me.

"It could be a pretty awkward practice if he says no," I laugh.

"Let's hope he doesn't, then."

Harrison waves goodnight to me and takes off in the direction of his cabin, while I head to mine. Now that I've decided to ask Gabriel to be in the band, I really am worried that he'll say no. I curse myself for being such a jerk to him this week. He's definitely a lot cooler than I ever thought he would be, now there's a chance that he won't want to be in a band with me.

I get to our cabin, and it's quiet, I don't expect that Gabriel will be back for a while since he was only just starting dinner when I left. I decide to call my parents while I wait for them, so I grab my phone.

"Hello?" My mom answers the phone.

"Hi, mom. It's me." I smile when I hear her voice.

"Bello! How are you, baby?"

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