Chapter 14 - Was It Worth It?

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We meet up with Ashley and her friends for lunch again. As soon as she's finished eating, she and I leave quickly to get our afternoon started. I take Ashley's hand once we're out of the food hall. We stroll along the path through the camp, and there's nobody around because we left so quickly.

"So, the song is really good, huh?" Ashley asks me.

"Yeah, Heather was really impressed, she had us play it a second time because she liked it so much."

I glow with pride as I say it, remembering how flattering it was to have Heather enjoy our music the way she did. The fact that she wanted to hear it twice is a good sign, I think.

"I can't wait to hear it," Ashley smiles at me. "Are we on for tomorrow?"

I realize that we're all alone, nobody is around, and Harrison's guitar is sitting in our cabin.

"Want to hear it now?" I ask her.

Ashley looks surprised. "What do you mean? The guys are still at lunch."

"I thought that maybe you'd like a special solo performance from your favorite member of my band," I smile at her, and she turns pink.

"Wow, sure, that would be awesome!" Ashley grins at me.

I change direction and start heading toward my cabin. It doesn't take long to get there, and I hold the door open for Ashley to walk in ahead of me. My heart starts beating faster when I realize that I have my girlfriend alone in my cabin for however long we get here. I don't know if Ashley has realized this, too, but she looks as nervous as I feel.

I pick up Harrison's guitar, take it out of its case and sit on the bed with my back against the wall and my legs stretched out along the length of it. Ashley sits on the end of the bed, facing me, with her legs crossed underneath her.

"Are you ready?" I ask her.

"Yup, I can't wait," Ashley says and looks excited.

I'm nervous about performing it but not as nervous as I was earlier, and I don't screw up the beginning. I play the song through, singing Gabriel's part instead of the harmonies I've been doing, and I'm grateful that I remember all of the lyrics.

When I finish, Ashley's eyes are wide. "I can't believe you guys wrote that."

"Did you like it?" I ask her, knowing that she did, but I still want to hear her say it out loud.

"Yes, it's amazing."

"You're amazing," I tell her and am rewarded by seeing her face flush pink.

She really is the most beautiful girl at camp, and I'm so lucky that she agreed to be my girlfriend. I don't know what will happen when camp is over, but maybe we can do the whole long-distance thing. I really wish she lived in Chicago.

"I mean it, Seb. That song is just as good as any song I've ever heard on the radio, better than a lot of them, actually. I can't believe you wrote it." She shakes her head in apparent amazement.

"Do you want to hear it again? Or are you happy to wait until tomorrow when the other guys will be able to perform it, as well?" I smile at her.

Ashley smiles back and says, "I can hear it tomorrow; besides, there's other stuff that I like to do with you and not them."

"Really, Ashley Williams? What stuff do you like to do with me and not them?" I feign ignorance, but I'm also surprised that she said it; usually, I'm the one that starts our makeout sessions.

"Put Harrison's guitar away, and I'll show you." She grins at me.

I have never moved quicker in my life. I have Harrison's guitar back in its case in record time and put it aside before leaning back against the wall again. Ashley moves up the bed to be next to me and places her lips against mine.

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