Chapter 17 - Totally a Band

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On Sunday morning, I wake up when Gabriel is moving around the cabin, and I frown. The sun is streaming in, and I think it must be later than my usual wake up time.

"What time is it?" I ask him.

"Almost eight. You want to get dressed and come to breakfast with me?"

"What, are we friends now, just because we're in a band together?" I grin at him.

Gabriel laughs, "Of course not, Noel. I'm just being polite for the cameras."

"Hey, I'm clearly Liam Gallagher, not Noel. I'm younger, hotter, and more talented than you."

"Sure, whatever you say. Are you coming to breakfast or not?" Gabriel rolls his eyes at me.

"Of course. Give me a minute."

I get ready quickly, and we walk out of the cabin together. We make our way toward the food hall, but I don't see the other guys at all on our way there. When we walk into the big room, I look around and see Harrison almost immediately, and he smiles at us, looking relieved.

We line up for food before heading to the table where Harrison's sitting with Hayden, as well as the girls. I sit in a seat next to Ashley, across from Harrison, and Gabriel sits down next to me.

"So, it went well last night?" Harrison asks, immediately, smiling at us.

I look at Gabriel, then back at Harrison and sigh. "Oh. He told me he doesn't want to be in a band together."

"Really?" Harrison looks surprised.

"Yeah, I want to be in a band with Hayden," Gabriel shrugs.

"He thinks I can't write music for shit," I add.

"And Sebastian told me that my lyric writing is terrible."

Harrison rolls his eyes at us. "Okay, you guys are jerks. Are you in our band or not?"

Gabriel and I both laugh, and he nods.

"That's awesome, did you hear that, Hayden?" Harrison asks him.

"What's up?" Hayden turns to us from where he was talking to Samantha.

"Gabriel's going to be in our band," I announce to the table.

"Wow, that's awesome, Seb," Ashley says to me.

"Thanks, Ash. Also...hi," I grin at her. "How's my favorite girl this morning?"

Ashley blushes and smiles at me. "I'm good."

"Oh, I meant Samantha," I tease her, and she elbows me while laughing.

"Are you guys going to play your song for us today? Ashley told us it was really good," Tiffany says with a smirk.

"Worth getting kicked out of camp for just to get to hear it, I heard," Samantha laughs.

Hayden looks confused, and both girls and Harrison get great joy out of retelling the story from yesterday, while Ashley and I bemoan them for bringing it up again.

"Lucky for these two, I'm as awesome as I am," Gabriel smirks at us.

"Did you consider tattling on us?" I ask out of curiosity.

"Tattling? What am I, five years old or something? No. I was just worried he'd somehow see you through the doorway," he shrugs.

"Thanks, Gabriel. I'm so glad you covered for us, my parents would've killed me if I'd gotten kicked out of camp," Ashley says.

"You're welcome, Ashley," he smiles back at her.

We finish up our breakfast and head as a group to Gabriel and my cabin. I hold Ashley's hand as we walk, and she smiles up at me, looking as pretty as ever. I'm excited to perform our song for more people and hear what they think about it.

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