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The Enchanting Rapture  by TheParableQueen
The Enchanting Rapture by Black Lives Matter
In a world of monsters, is it possible to find the beauty in each other? Ice melts... Power ignites... Bonds forge... Just in time to clash with the...
The Crown Prince's Bodyguard ✔️ by Kim_Knights
The Crown Prince's Bodyguard ✔️by Kim Knights
When the prince is involved in a near death experience, he is saved by a mysterious person. With a grateful heart, he employs the man to be his bodyguard and keeps him c...
A Young Author in a Zombie Apocalypse Otome Game by Error_030
A Young Author in a Zombie ✧ Mizuchi ✧
A Young Author in a Zombie Apocalypse Otome Game Leo, is a normal guy. Normal life, Normal friends, Normal job, Normal achievements, After death... Even he didn't k...
"HE'S MINE!" by Ruimare-Chan
"Because I'm no one..." I answered to the beautiful girl before me as she angered face ruined her cute facial. Compare to her I was only a mere duckling and sh...
Blind date (yandere x reader) by microwaveness
Blind date (yandere x reader)by Microwaveness
!!NOT SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE UNDER THE AGE OF 17!! It all started with a blind date, set up by your friend. It slowly spirals down into a disasterous mess. (Cover is a phot...
HIS BABY GIRL by dralaq
HIS BABY GIRLby dralaq
#pearlawards2018 #thewritersawards2018 #TalentAwards2018 She is his mate, she is his world, the light to his darkness, she is his everything. She i...
The Other Swan 》Rosalie Hale by fandom_girl20
The Other Swan 》Rosalie Haleby Shay
Alex Swan 16 turning to 17 is Bella's younger sister. Away from her family for two years due to a horrific accident when on a school field trip day finally comes home to...
Me And My Brothers  by _shinyisgood_
Me And My Brothers by 신니
Zyra is invited by her father to spend her summer vacation with him and her 3 older brothers, how would she survive in house full of people she doesn't have a close bond...
Three brothers & I by Wishful_author_xoxo
Three brothers & Iby Wishful_author_xoxo
For his entire life Noah has lived with his mum, no father and no siblings. Until one day when he finds out his mother is dying and his father is alive with three sons...
His Demoness by Kim_Knights
His Demonessby Kim Knights
When Xu Zhijian becomes a full-fledged demon slayer, he is given a talisman to summon his familiar. When he ends up calling forth the sleeping 'Demoness' instead, he fin...
The Slytherin Queen(Draco x Reader)- Year 4 by Lumina_Rose14
The Slytherin Queen(Draco x The Slytherin Queen
~(4th book in the Slytherin Queen Series)~ Death Eater Attacks, Strange Dreams, and looming fear..... Mysteriously entered into the dangerous contest known as the...
Midnight Sun ❖ (Embry Call - The Twilight Saga) by misstonii
Midnight Sun ❖ (Embry Call - The elysian
A girl who'd spent her entire life in Forks, Washington thought she knew all the secrets of the town. Clearly, she was wrong. Gracie Biers is a 17 year old girl, one of...
Yowamushi Pedal: Moving Forward! | OC: Ayaka Kawamichi by HanaYume23
Yowamushi Pedal: Moving Forward! | Hana Yume
HIGHEST RANKING/S: • #1 in the #yowamushipedal tag [5/28/2018] • #1 in the #bicycle tag [5/26/2018] - The story starts in the first high school year of what we know now...
New Book!!!! (Killer's Forest) by cosmicInsomniac11
New Book!!!! (Killer's Forest)by Sleepy Author
this is going to be a description of each of the characters in this new story that I'm writing. I have an assignment in my English class to write a short suspenceful sto...
Mistreated Queen by shontaya1216
Mistreated Queenby Taya
You were told as a kid that the tooth fairy was real. That there was a boogie monster under your bed. You believed that everything was good. And for werewolves you were...
Waking Up in 18th Century [BXB]  by UnKnown_Ray
Waking Up in 18th Century [BXB] by GeminiBLover
They said that one's life fortune or misfortune had a connection on what you've done in your past life. If you are given a chance to go back and help your previous soul...
System Start! by BloodyMary4242564
System Start!by BloodyMary4242564
Zero, formerly known as Project Zero, isn't alive. Nor is he dead. He's what humans would call a 'robot' or an 'android'. He doesn't feel, he doesn't care. Or, he didn't...
When they set us free by looneybooky
When they set us freeby looneybooky
Alice lives her life like a lawful citizen. She never eats more than her daily ration of food and, more importantly, she never dares to ask about the world outside of he...
WIĄZANIA | original story by jodoform-
WIĄZANIA | original storyby ━━ 𝓜.
Eliza od kilku lat przesiadywała w bibliotece, kiedy jej klasa miała lekcje religii. Jednak w trzecim tygodniu właśnie rozpoczętego, ostatniego już dla niej w podstawówc...
I'm Not An Emperor's Sweetie Pie! (BL) by Sadistic_Senpai
I'm Not An Emperor's Sweetie Mona
(Inspired by Chinese novels) Xiao Lin, a 17 years old youth, dies and transmigrates into the body of 18 years old boy. From good life to poor one. From pampered little b...