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Isabella  by typical_potato
Isabella by Potato
Isabella, The definition of innocence The light in everyone's darkness The only one pure enough to save a monster herself But who knows? What if she gets swallowed int...
  • homeschooled
  • darkness
  • anxiety
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project bad boy ↬ ethma by -dxlans
project bad boy ↬ ethmaby kol’s b ❣️
ethan dolan. grayson dolan. chase spencer. those were the three most popular guys at edison high school. ethan, grayson, and chase weren't they typical 'fuckboys' in hig...
  • grellie
  • graysondolan
  • emma
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Don't Let Me Down - Markson  by G_Monster
Don't Let Me Down - Markson by Viv & Sho
This book doesn't need a description. The title says it all. Just to males. Mark and Jackson. One roller coaster that always seems to go down.
  • gay
  • got7
  • malexmale
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The Act of Today by todaysrain
The Act of Todayby Lost In The Rain
Alexia moved from California to Florida right before her freshman year of high school and got into the popular group in her large Miami school but doesn't get out, excep...
  • school
  • acting
  • senior
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JJ Project <3 and Me <3 by JulieEuthine
JJ Project <3 and Me <3by Julie Euthine
A la base c'est une Mise en Situation que j'avais faites sur Facebook. Mais au final j'en fait une histoire. Je vous laisse la découvrir. IGOT7 <3
  • got7
  • bambam
  • jaebum
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Flowers Met Stars by mystar1994
Flowers Met Starsby Miffy
Rose choi and Lilyth choi are sisters of Youngjae Choi while their friend Daisy Tuan is the sister of Mark Yien Tuan. JB has been friends with Daisy since she was a c...
  • got7
  • jackson
  • jr
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Exposed (Unedited) by biggirlsdonotcry
Exposed (Unedited)by D_D™
"Whoa, what are these?" he looks at the scattered papers on the floor. "They are...my stuff, nothing related to you." I respond. He stretches to grab...
  • crush
  • highschool
  • exposed
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Ask/Dare SML by StelexSpeaks
Ask/Dare SMLby Gage Gosselin
you can ask any of these characters: Shrek Cody Bowser Joseph Jeffy Jackie Chu Junior Chef Pee Pee Mama Luigi Chompy Mario Rosalina Brooklyn Guy Woody Toad Cody's Mom Bl...
  • question
  • askordare
  • mario
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Facts about Footballers by bartrasgirl
Facts about Footballersby bartrasgirl
Random facts about your fave footballers
  • bale
  • junior
  • olivier
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Just Imagines With Our Boys Hope You Like!!!!
  • myhorse
  • dancingmachineyg
  • kookie
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Be Mine by xinxin21
Be Mineby xinxin21
  • superjunior
  • donghae
  • kyuhyun
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Lost Control by LooksAreDeceiving
Lost Controlby Wilson
Aubree Bennett or Bennett as she prefers to be called moves to a new town called Hamilton with her brother Sage and his fiance Felicity. Bennett is a lone wolf she's qui...
  • selfharmawareness
  • enemies
  • highschool
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Dripping Pen by OhMyGelou
Dripping Penby Angelou Aquino
"For at last, her dripping dream found its bounty." Copyright © 2016 OhMyGelou | All Rights Reserved Junior Authors Poetry Contest Online Entry by OhMyGelou
  • contest
  • junior
  • online
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GOT7 Lyrics (with individual parts of romanization and eng) by hungryaco
GOT7 Lyrics (with individual parts...by andy ;;
*Compilation of GOT7 songs *Individual parts *Romanization *English Translation *Timeline of album
  • 2pm
  • lyrics
  • got7
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Lovers (got7 Junior) by kpopannaday
Lovers (got7 Junior)by kpopannaday
Junior fell in love with a girl named krystal. Junior was a singer and Krystal was his manager. Junior was a Catholic and Krystal was a Mormon. Junior respected her choi...
  • got7
  • mormon
  • manager
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The Pendulum by cloudelf3424
The Pendulumby cloudelf3424
  • super
  • kpop
  • junior
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Thorns by montanaism
Thornsby montanaism
She never really took notice of the man who stopped to smell the flowers every day. (Flower shop AU Fic for my fren Aidan w/ Junior from GOT7, happy birthday!!)
  • got7
  • got7junior
  • junior