The Second Book

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Hello everyone,

You all must be shocked that after two years you are getting another book. Well I was going through all my books while listening to the audiobook of Valiant and I just got this feeling that I should revisit some of my books and this was definitely one of them.

Now after much deliberation I have picked the book that I think deserves to be in the number two slot and it's...................................................................

Tiny's Story

For me, I think Tiny deserves some love and she's definitely going to get some from her man. Now before I go into detail about the book I want to let everyone know I WILL BE DOING MORE NEW SPECIES BOOKS!! Vengeance, Breeze, Forest, Salvation, Flame and Brass will be getting their own book.

Anyway, Tiny's book is set eleven years after Jericho and Casey's book. Tiny is getting a human mate named Luca (might change that but not sure) He's a bit of a nerd and bit clumsy but is honestly a sweetheart. He's Casey's cousin, he's twenty four and is eight years younger than Casey who is currently thirty two the same age as Tiny (but Tiny looks like she's in her early twenties) To find out more about them you will have to read the book which I will be posting soon just working out some kinks and stuff.

Are you guys excited? I hope you guys are cause I'm super excited.

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