Chapter 12

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Casey ran to the stairs and up them. She followed the smoke down the left hallway and went down that, coughing as she went. She noticed a body on the floor and quickly went for it. It wasn't her mother. As she was about to continue the search a hand from behind went to her throat and started chocking her.

"That fucking hurt you bitch" Sam's voice said in her ear. Casey struggled to breathe as he tightened his grip on her throat. She waited from the grips of death to take her.

The ride out of the town felt like it took forever. They were so close the castle and so close to getting- Jericho noticed the girl running on the side of the road towards them.

"Stop the car" he said. The driver stopped the car and Jericho jumped out.


"DADDY!!" She said as ran to him. Jericho scooped her up and hugged her. His little princess was safe. Where was his angel? That's when he noticed the smoking coming from the castle.

"Daddy help mommy, mommy told me to run so she find grandma" Gracie said.

"I will find mommy" he said moving to one of the three car. Smiley had offered to come as back up and since he had a pup of his own he knew he would keep her safe.

"Smiley is going to watch you while daddy finds mommy" he said.

"Okay" she said as Smiley took her. Jericho gave Smiley a look and Smiley nodded. It meant that this little girl was his and he was to protect her with his life if necessary. Jericho leaned in and kissed Gracie's head before Smiley got back into car and the car turned and head off back to Reservation. He turned to the car he came in and go back in before the drive hit the gas and they sped down the road to castle.

Casey dropped to the floor once Sam let go of her throat. He had been chocking her but sudden slumped and released her. Hands gentle grabbed her and helped her stand. She almost cried at the sight of her mother.

"Come on Casey we have to get out of her." She said as they moved towards the stairs, coughing as they go. They made it down stairs lucky that the whole place didn't collape on them. Julie let go of her daughter and ran to the door flinging it open. A crash from upstairs made them both look up as some of the floor boards came falling down. Julie lept outside as Casey stepped back. She was trapped.

"CASEY" Julie yelled.

"I'm okay mom I'm going to find another exit." She said before coughing. She looked around and noticed that every entrance was blocked with fire or debris except for the stairs that has a giant window. She was going to have to jump.

Jericho jumped out and ran to the house as a woman stand there with terror written all over it. A loud boom made Jericho grab Casey's mother and move backward protecting her with his body

"NOOOO!!!" She yelled fighting his hold as the whole castle came crumbling down. Jericho's heart felt like it was dying as he watched the castle burn.

"NO MY BABY, NOT MY BABY" the woman said as she dropped to the floor crying. Jericho started tearing up as he watched his whole world die.

"JERICHO, MOM" Casey's voice said. Both Julie and Jericho looked up to see Casey running towards them soaking wet clutching her bleeding hand. Casey's mother cried out in relief and stood, stumbling her way to her daughter. They threw their arms around each other and cried.

"I thought I lost you" Casey's mother said.

"Never" Casey said.

"I love you Casey"

"I love you too Mom" she said before looking at Jericho. Her mother let her go and Casey ran the rest of the way to  him before jumping into his arm. Jericho easily caught her and wrapped her legs around him.

"I love you Jericho" she said pulling back to look at him.

"I love you too Casey"

"Then will you please marry me?" She asked. Jericho growled and slanted his lips over her taking her into a deep kiss. Casey kissed him back woth just as much passion as he was giving her.

"I'll take that as a yes" she said once they pulled back for air.

"You are mine Casey Smith, you were mine from the moment I walked into the meeting room. I just didn't want to admit it." He said. Casey smiled and kissed him she then tensed pulling back.

"Gracie, we have to find Gracie" she said trying to get him to put her down.

"She's in NSO hands and she's on her way to Reservation." Jericho said.

Casey relaxed and let her man hold her. She was exhausted. After making it to the windown she had punched it till it broke before jump off the window seal and into the semi cold water just as the blast happened. She then swan underwater till she got to the bank and climbed out coughing. After getting some much needed air so made her way around the house to see her ma hold her crying mother.
Speaking of her mother she should probably introduce Jericho to her.

"Set me down for a second" she said.

"No. Never." He said making Casey smile.

"I want to properly introduced you to her before we go get my hand fixed." She said making him tense. He set her down and took her bleeding making her wince. Jericho growled in anger.

"I wish the asshole was still alive so I could kill him myself." He said.

"Me too" she said taking her hand back before turning to her mother who had joined them and had been watching them with a smile on her face.

"Jericho, this is my mother, Julie Smith" she said. "Mom, this is my fiance, Jericho North."

"Nice to meet you Miss. Smith" he said.

"Please call me Julie since we are going to be family soon." She said.

"Okay Julie" he said.

"Now let's get that hand taken care of then go home." Julie said.

"Mom, there is no way I'm going to let you leave at your house anymore. You should come live at Reservation. You can have your own place and be close to us." Casey said.

"You know, I think I will take you up on that. I love my house and it hold a lot of memories but I think it's time for new memories." Julie said. Casey smiled as they walked towards the SUV and towards a brighter future.

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