Chapter 7

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Jericho watched as Tim Oberto Justice, Fury and Tiger try to decided what to do about the cops asking to see Casey and child services wanting to see Gracie. He refused to let them see her knowing it would just upset them. Speaking of Casey, he still couldn't believe that she had kissed him. Why did saving her from Vengeance warrant a kiss? His thoughts were interrupted by what Tim said. Jericho growled stepping forward.

"We are not handing her over" he said.

"I agree, we will not allow the cops to have Casey or her daughter." Justice said.

"She assaulted someone and we  shouldn't protect her." Tim said. Jerchio growled wanting to punch the male.

"He hit her first and she was only trying to protect her daughter." Jericho said.

"Calm down Jericho" Justice said.

"We are not handing her over" Tiger said.

"Fine" Tim said before leaving.

"Fury, call the sheriff back and tell him what happened and that we will not be handing her over or the child to child service." Justice said. Fury nodded before leaving.

"Tiger, make sure that the perimeters are thoroughly checked." He said. Tiger nodded before leaving.

"Jericho, I need you to take these papers over to Miss. Smith's. They are just some legal documents ghe legal team needs." Jericho nodded before taking the documents then heading to Casey's. He need to talk to her about what happened last night and this would be a great time to ask.

When he arrived he noticed that Tiny was playing with Gracie on the lawn. Gracie looked up and saw him before smiling and running towards him. Jerchio smiled making sure not to show his teeth as crouched down. Gracie wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. Jericho had no clue why the little one like him, she wasn't scream at the sight of him so he didn't care he just hugged her back.

"Jericho, you here" she said pulling back.

"Yes I am" he said. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah, are you here to see mommy?" She asked.

"I am" he said.

"She is inside working"

"Thank you, why don't you go play with Tiny?"

"Okay" she said before letting go and going back over to Tiny. Jericho walked up the porch steps and into the house. Casey was on the couch with her conputer. She looked up and saw him and just stared at him.

"Justice sent me to have you sign these." He said. He watched her relax then nod before standing. She took the papers and looked through them before grabbing a pen from the coffee and signing. She handed him back the papers but he just dropped them on the coffee table.

Casey was confused. Why wasn't he taking the papers and leaving? Did he want to talk about what happened last night? She dreaded that conversation.

"Why did you kiss me last night?" He asked.

"I wanted to thank you for stepping in with Vengeance." She said.

"Do humans usually kiss when they are saved?" He asked.

"Depends" she said before going past him and into the kitchen. She needed to get away from him or she would do something she would regret. She opened the fridge and pulled out a water bottle before shutting the door and turning around, nearly running into Jericho.

"Depends on what?" He asked. She stared up at him before deciding that one little kiss couldn't. She leaned up and kissed him. Fireworks exploded as their lips met and Casey deepened the kiss. Their lips moved in sync as he pushed her up against the fridge and growled. Casey moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck dropping the bottle of water.

A phone ringing made her come back to her senses. She broke the kiss and panted as Jericho pulled out his phone and answered it. Casey took the opportunity to get some space. She picked up the water bottle and moved passed him to enter the living room. She set the water bottle down  on the coffee table before going to the window to check on Gracie.

"Casey.." Jericho said from behind her. Casey turned around to look at him. He moved closer to her and before he could get to close to her she put her hands up to stop him.

"We can't do that again" she said.

"Why not?" He asked.

"I swore off men when Sam broke my heart. I never wanted to feel that sort of pain ever again and I won't subject my daughter to that either so I think that we should just forget that what happened between us ever happened." She said.

"Species aren't like your human males. We don't play tricks or lie and we don't hurt females." He said.

"I am just not ready to open up just yet." She said.

"I won't push you" he said before going over to the table and picking up the documents before turning to her.

"Goodbye Casey" he said.

"Goodbye Jericho" she said before he went over to the front door, opened it and left, closing the door after him. Casey had no idea why she felt like crying.

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