Chapter 2

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Casey was nervous as hell. Stacy told her who called her and what they wanted. NSO leader Justice North had personal called Stacy and asked her if Casey was avaible today to talk to him about becoming the photographer for the NSO. Casey told Stacy to call him back and say yes.

Now she was outside Reservation which was five miles away from where she lived. Apparently Justice who lives at Homeland with his wife Jessie, was going to fly over to Reservation and meet her there. As she reached the gates she calm down and gave herself a pep talk as she rolled down the window to talk to the guard that approached her car.

She told them who she was and why she was here and after a brief conversation on the phone the NSO guard let her through, telling her to park her car to the left and to leave the keys inside the car so they can park it somewhere else. Casey did as she was told before getting out. Another New Species came up to her this one she had seen on the news trying to save his wife from a fire outside the gate of Reservation.

"I'm Tiger, I'm here to escort you to the meeting room." He said.

"I know who you are I have seen you on tv trying to save your wife. My mom and I are huge fans and watched the whole thing go down." She said. "Is she alright?" She asked as they walked to the nearest building.

"She's great, thanks for the concern" he said as they entered the building. They went down a hall then turned left and entered a big meeting room that could hold at least twenty to twenty five people.

"You may sit where you like Justice should be here in a few minutes." Tiger said before leaving. Casey set her portfolio down and then sat down facing the door, making sure her skirt didn't ride up. The door opened and a male who wasn't Justice entered the room.

"I'm Jericho, Justice had something come up and couldn't make it so he sent me." He said sitting down across from her.

"Okay" she said. They talked for a few minutes about what they were looking for before Casey showed him her portfolio.

"Every artist has a story behind their pictures and I'm no different. I just like to bring a little more of the clients story out." She said. "For you guys I would add some lighting to your pictures to show that your story may have started out bad but your future is bright." She said making him nodded. This guy was intense but in a mysterious sort of way. His eyes were what she most wanted to photograph. They were dark red and beautiful.

"If we hired you-" he said but was interrupted by her phone.

"Crap, I'm sorry I thought I put it on silent." She said pulling it out of her purse. It was Sam.

"I'm sorry I have to take this" she said. He nodded before he got up and stepped out of the room.

"What do you want Sam?" She asked.

"Something came up, I can't watch Gracie."

"You son of a bitch, you promised me that you cleared your schedule and could watch your daughter."

"I'm sorry Case"

"No you are not, this was your last chance Sam and you just blew it. I'm coming to pick her up when I'm done with business. I'm done with you so you can tell Gracie why her father is a fucking asshole." She said before hanging up the phone. She was seriously pissed off.

Jericho listened to Casey Smith talk to a human on the phone. When he was first asked to do the interview because Justice had to take care of some business his assistant booked at the same time on accident, he wasn't very happy because he knew that the minute he entered the room all he would smell is fear, even though he was primate and didn't have stronger senses like a canine or a feline he could pick up fear if strong enough.

He was surprised that when he had walked in he didn't smell fear at all. He did notice how attractive she is with her honey blonde shoulder length hair, fair skin and blue eyes. It shocked him that he found this human female attractive. He had never thought a human was attractive before. He had no clue what to do about.

As he listened to her yell at the human on the other line he found out that she was a mother and probably had a mate. He was a bit relieved and a bit disappointed for some reason. Why was he feeling like this towards the human female he had only know for ten minutes? He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard that she was done with the male. Does that mean she is free? The door opened and Jericho turned to face her. She put on a happy face but Jericho could tell she was pissed.

"I'm sorry about that, it was total unprofessional." She said.

"It's fine, I like your photos I will take them to Justice and we will be in touch." Jericho said holding out his hand. She took it and Jericho had to hold his growl in at how tiny her hand felt in his. He let go of her hand and motion to a guard who immediately came over to them.

"Take Mrs. Smith back to her car please" he said.

"It's Miss. Smith, I'm not married" she said. That did it for Jericho, he needed to get away from her or he would take this female home and fuck her.

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