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Casey smiled as put on her wedding dress

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Casey smiled as put on her wedding dress. It was the perfect winter wedding and she absolutely loved it. It was a princess dress with lace on the bodice and arms.

"You look beautiful sweet heart" Julie said.

"You look like a princess mommy" Gracie said.

"Thanks guys" she said. As she looked herself over in the mirror she thought about that night a month ago. After they got back to Reservation she was taken to Medical where she had her hand bandage. She was also reunited with Gracie. Gracie was so happy to se her she refused to let her go. Jericho had to gently pry her off.

After that they went to their house where they set her mother up in Gracie's room with Gracie before climbing into bed to exhausted to do anything else. The next morning they signed mating papers before Juile, Zandy and Vanni swept Casey off to starting planning a wedding. It broke their hearts when she told them she just wanted a small simple wedding with just friends and family instead of  a big wedding inviting basically everyone at Reservation.

"You ready?" Julie asked.

"I have never been more ready in my entire life." She said before she took her mother's hand and walked out of the room where her husband plus their friends and family were waiting.  As they made their way up the isle Casey couldn't take her eyes of her sexy husband and neither could he, especiallysince she told him the greatest news ever. She was pregnant.

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