Chapter 10

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Casey took another picture of her daughter dancing to Promise Land by OMI, she smiled at her silly girl. It had only been a few hours since Jericho left but for both Gracie and Casey it felt like forever so they decided to distract themselves by doing the things they love. The phone ringing pulled Casey away from her daughter. She went over to it, picked it up and answered it.

"Hello" she answered.

"Hey sweetheart" her mother said making Casey smile. She had missed her mother. They had made up a few days ago and were now on good terms.

"Hey mom, how are you?" Casey asked.

"I'm fine expect that I haven't seen my daughter or granddaughter in forever." She said making Casey roll her eyes. Her mother can be a bit dramatic sometimes.

"Well why don't we change that?" Casey said. "Why don't you come visit us?"

"I would love too but unfortunately my car broke down again." She said.

"Seriously mom you need a new car." She said a bit frustrated. Casey was going to have to go to her mother's  since her mother had an irrational fear of taxis.

"I know but your dad got me that car for my birthday." Julie said.

"Fine, I will come to you, see you in a hour." She said before hanging up. She set the phone down and turned to her daughter who was still dancing.

"Sweetheart, let's go see grandma" she said making Gracie smile. They got their shoes on and Casey grabbed her purse and kiss before heading out. An hour later they made it to her mother's house. They pulled into the driveway and parked the car before getting out and heading inside. You know that feeling you get when something was going to go horribly  wrong, well when they entered the house Casey got that feeling. She grabbed Gracie's hand ready to pick her up and bolt at any second. She entered the living room and her face paled when she saw her mother being held in front of Sam with a gun pressed against her head.

"We've been waiting for you two" Sam said before something hit Casey over the head and everything went black.

Jericho was about to lose it. He was called into an emergency meeting  about someone blowing up a car in front of Homeland. He was beyond pissed that he was called in for this when it was Justice and Tim's job to handle it. They thought the board needed to get together and talk about what needs to be done so it doesn't happen again. He could be with his Casey and Gracie but instead he was dealing with this shit.

"Look, do your fucking job and don't send the board members to do your work." Jericho said making Justice growl. He didn't fucking care. Every member of the board felt the same way and he knew it. Before Justice could say anything Jericho stood.

"I have a mate and child to see so I'm leaving." He said before leaving. He went down a hall till he got to the elevator. He hit the button for the roof and waited as it took him up. Once he got up there he walked over to the helicopter before getting in.

"Back to Reservation and do it quickly please." He said to the pilot before buckling in. The pilot nodded before starting the helicopter. The flight back to Reservation felt like it took forever, he barely resisted the urge to jump out of the helicopter as it lowered on to the ground. Once it was on the ground he unbuckled his seatbelt and jumped out before hurrying to the car he left a few hours before. He was about to drive to Casey's when his cellphone rang. It was Tiger.

"What is it Tiger?" He answered.

"Casey and her daughter left Reservation" he said.

"WHAT!!" He roared.

"She got a phone call from her mother and they made plans to visit her since Casey's mother's car is broken. They left before we could stop them." Tiger said. "We have an even bigger problem."

"What?" He asked.

"We lost track of Sam Winston" That did it for Jericho.

"I'm going after her" he said.

"Not without the task force" Tiger said.

"Fuck that, the bastard could have her right now and the task force is at Homeland." Jericho growled.

"Fine, I will have a few males come with you as will I and we will head over." He said.

"Do it quickly I am leaving now" he said before hanging up. He drove to security and quickly jumped out as Tiger and a few males came out. Tiger was on the phone as they all got into three SUVs. As they drove towards the back gate Tiger hung up his phone.

"Justice is sending the task force to Casey's house and will be there as we arrive." He said. Jericho didn't care he just wanted to get to Casey's mom and make sure the bastard hadn't gotten to her. They arrived at Casey's mother's house and they saw Casey's car but no Casey or Gracie. They all got out and hurried to the front door.

Tiger was about to knock but Jericho wasn't having it he reached down and opened the door before entering the house. Tiger gave him a disapproving look which Jericho ignored when the scent of blood hit his nose. His blood went cold as he entered the living room and saw Casey's purse and keys next to the puddle of blood on the floor. It looked like there was a struggle since things were thrown about on the floor and the scent of fear lingered in the room. Jericho threw back his head and roared in anger. He was going to kill Sam Winston.

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