Chapter 5

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Casey's dress and shoes

Casey's dress and shoes

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Casey sighed as she closed the door to Gracie's room

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Casey sighed as she closed the door to Gracie's room. She had finally got her to sleep and now all she wanted to do is relax. She went into the living room and sat down on the couch. Her thoughts went to the red eyed man. She couldn't believe that Gracie told Jericho that she liked him. She has never told anyone she likes them. She also was shocked that she had boldly said he's mine and refused to let go of him. Why did that not terrify her? She should be worried that her daughter is getting attached to a new guy, no matter if this guy is super attractive. Whoa, when did she start thinking he was super attractive?

Casey sighed knowing that since they met she had thought her was super sexy. What was she going to do? She couldn't do anything with him, could she? Casey mental shook her head knowing nothing could happen between them. Her walls around her heart were to high and he probably wasn't looking for a relationship.

With that in mind she got up and made sure that her equipment that a New Species male brought to her a few minutes after Jericho left was ready for tomorrow. About an hour later after that a man from the task force brought all of her and Gracie's  clothes and personal items including the picture of Casey's father which was currently on her bedside table. After making sure everything was ready she slipped into bed.

Casey heard her door opened and sat up. It was him. Jericho. He didn't have a shirt on and he looked good with his perfect six pack abs and muscular biceps. He looked...hungry. He walked into her room, not turning his back to her he closed the door before walking- no, more like stalking it's prey with his slow walk. He stopped at the end of the bed and looked at her before growling.

He never said a word as he slowly climbed onto the bed and up her body so their face were almost touching. He smiled at her and she lost her breath. His smile was devastating. His eyes traveled down her face till it landed on her lips. He was going to kiss her and she had no idea how to handle that.

He shocked her by placing a hand on her chest and pushing her back so she laid flat. She jumped and lifted her head when his lips pressed as kiss just above her belly button.

"What are you doing?" She asked as he trailed kisses down her stomach till he reached right above the small strip of hair covering her mound. He stopped and looked up at her growling.

"I want a taste" he said before lowering his head and licking her opening. Casey threw her head back and moaned. She never been gone down on before. Jericho growled and drew her clit into his mouth sucking gently.

"Oh fuck" Casey moaned reaching down to grip his hair. She didn't pull but kept a firm grip on it as he sucked hard on her cilt. She was so close to coming, she felt like she could just reach out and take it.

Casey shot up with a gasp. She couldn't believe it. She just had a sex dream about Jericho. She ran a hand through her hair as she tried to get her breathing under control. Her legs felt sticky and wet and she knew that her sweats must be soaked. Damn it.

She was so determined not to get involved with him but one little hot sex dream made her want to see if there really is something between them. Checking the time to see it was ten o'clock, she threw her covers off, not even bothering to look down at her lap she stood and walked into her bathroom. She quickly turned the shower on and removed her clothes.
After her shower she had decided to ignore the chemistry between her and Jericho and focus on her job. No matter how sexy the man was she was just going to ignore it. That'll work.

She got dressed in sweats and a t-shirt before heading to the kitchen to makw breakfast. As she cooked some pancakes Gracie came into the kitchen rubbing her eyes.

"Good morning sweetpea" she said. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah" she said climbing up on to the stool by the island. Casey set a plate of two pancakes in front of her along with a fork and butter knife before getting her own plate and sitting down next to her.

After breakfast Casey got Gracie into the shower before she went to pick out her dress for tonight. After going through her clothes she finally found the perfect dress, it was a black above the knee v-neck with ruffles. Since she wasn't a huge fan of heels she decided on simple black and white converse. She set those on her bed and went to check on Gracie. Gracie had finished her shower and was in her room getting dressed.

"So in about a half an hour mommy is going to go to work and someone is going to stay here with you." She said.

"Why can't I go with you?" She asked.

"Because it's mommy's first day and there is going to be alot of people and you might hurt your wrist again." Casey said.

"But I want to go!" Gracie said.

"How about you stay here and when you get back we'll watch a movie and have ice cream." Casey said. Gracie went silent for a second before giving a dramatic sigh.

"Fine" she said dragging the "n" out for a few seconds. Casey chuckled and kissed her head.

"I love you"

"I love you too"

Jericho pulled up to Casey's house at one o'clock and got out. He again messed with his tie, hating that he had to where a suit. He would have rather worn a t-shirt and jeans but Justice wanted everyone to dress up for the fundraiser. He made his way up to the house and knocked on the door. A minute later the door opened and a smiling Gracie stood there.

"Jericho!!" She said before hugging him.

"Hi Gracie" he said wrapping an arm around her to hug her back.

"Is your mother ready?" He asked. A second later the door down the hall opened and Casey stepped out. She had her hair in a ponytail and she had a little make up on. Jericho let out a growl making Casey's eyebrows arch.

"That bad huh" she said looking down at herself.

"You look beautiful" he said making Gracie giggle.

"Thank you" Casey said.

"You're welcome"

"Mommy, whose that?" Gracie said looking behind Jericho.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

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